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Mountain Awareness

Even if we don’t live near mountains, many of us want to visit the Cascades, Adirondacks, Rockies or other mountains someday. Mountain snowmobiling is spectacular but can pose extra dangers, such as avalanches. Some avalanche areas may be posted and closed.

Be cautious of avalanche dangers throughout mountain country. Riding in these areas should only be done after receiving proper mountain riding training. Mountain snowmobilers should carry avalanche beacons, shovels, probe poles for locating people buried in snow and a portable radio to summon help.

valanche Awareness
Following are some safe travel tips for riding in avalanche country:

  1. Learn to recognize and understand avalanche potential terrain. Suspect any slope that is steeper than 30 degrees.
  2. Observe the slope orientation with respect to the sun and the wind.
  3. Be cautious of cornices.
  4. Think about the consequences of an avalanche. Will you be carried over a cliff, pushed into trees or buried deep in a gully?
  5. Travel safely, ride with a partner, carry the appropriate rescue gear and make sure everyone in your group knows how to use it.

For information on Avalanche Awareness please visit the web site


Beware Of Nature

Beware Of Darkness Low-light and darkness require special care. Slow down and watch for others. Overcast days require extra caution. Don’t over drive your headlights. Ask yourself, “Am I driving slow enough to see an object in time to avoid a collision?” At night on lakes and large open fields, estimating distances and direction of travel… Continue Reading

Take Care of the Trail

SAFE RIDERS snowmobile to enjoy the outdoors. They treat it with respect They wait for enough snow cover to protect vegetation They avoid running over trees and shrubs. They appreciate, but don’t disturb animals or other outdoor users. Take The Honorable Trail Beautiful trail systems and riding areas are available throughout North America. Stay safe… Continue Reading

Make a plan

Take a Friend Don’t snowmobile alone. Not only is snowmobiling more fun with family and friends, it’s safer too! File A Plan Airplane pilots and boaters file flight and float plans, respectively, so that others know where to look if they’re overdue. “Snow plans” describing your machine and your planned route can be time- and… Continue Reading

Machine Maintenance

Keep your machine in top shape. You have two good guides available for snowmobile maintenance: the owner’s manual that came with it and your dealer. Consult both to make sure your machine is kept in top form for dependable, enjoyable fun. Your local club or association may also conduct safety and maintenance programs. Before each… Continue Reading

Ice Riding

Drowning is one of the leading causes of snowmobile fatalities. Wherever possible, avoid riding on frozen lakes and rivers because ice conditions are never guaranteed. Ice conditions can change in a period of several hours. If you must cross ice, stay on the packed or marked trail. Don’t stop until you reach shore. If you… Continue Reading

Don’t Drink and Ride

Snowmobiling requires alertness, caution, and attention. Your reaction time and ability to control your sled can be drastically affected after consuming even small amounts of alcohol. Alcohol can affect perception, reaction time, and response to unexpected situations. Alcohol has been shown to be a contributing factor in most fatal snowmobile accidents. Alcohol also causes body… Continue Reading

Be a defensive driver

Always be alert of potential danger. Your helmet and engine noise can impair your hearing. Visibility is also reduced in conditions of snowfall, blowing snow and night driving. Never assume what another snowmobiler will do. Do all that you can to ensure your safety and that of other riders. Expect the unexpected! Watch out for:… Continue Reading