Your Online Trail and Travel Guide for Snowmobiling the U.S. & Canada

Take Care of the Trail

SAFE RIDERS snowmobile to enjoy the outdoors. They treat it with respect

  • They wait for enough snow cover to protect vegetation
  • They avoid running over trees and shrubs.
  • They appreciate, but don’t disturb animals or other outdoor users.

Take The Honorable Trail
Beautiful trail systems and riding areas are available throughout North America. Stay safe and legal within the areas that you are permitted to ride or those for which you’ve obtained permission.

Stay Alert
Focusing on the tail light of the snowmobile ahead of you is the cause of many accidents. If your eyes are fixed on the tail light, you are not likely to notice the slight turn the machine ahead makes to avoid collision or the object that was almost hit.

After snowmobiling for several hours, your reaction time slows. Be aware that even though you may not feel tired, the motion, wind and vibration of the machine may begin to dull your senses.

Inform the department of natural resources or your local snowmobile club if there is something dangerous on the trail.  Staying vigilant can potentially save lives!
Stay safe out there.