Your Online Trail and Travel Guide for Snowmobiling the U.S. & Canada

Machine Maintenance

Keep your machine in top shape. You have two good guides available for snowmobile maintenance: the owner’s manual that came with it and your dealer. Consult both to make sure your machine is kept in top form for dependable, enjoyable fun.

Your local club or association may also conduct safety and maintenance programs.

Before each ride, follow the “pre-op” check outlined in your owner’s manual.

Follow the rules
Regulations on sled registration and use are different in various parts of the snow-belt. Check with natural resource and law enforcement agencies and snowmobile dealers or clubs in the area you are visiting to make sure your ride results in legal and hassle-free snowmobiling.

Remember, too, that some states and provinces have age restrictions for snowmobile operation, often requiring that children are supervised by adults.