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Trail Report – : Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin – January 26, 2023

Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: Looking Good! 12-16 inches or so
Date of Report: January 26, 2023
Area Report:

Manny, John, Joe (crash), Dave, Dug, and I rode to Land O Lakes and west to Boulder Junction. 1st stop Black Oak, 2nd stop Gooch’s, and ended up in Conover at Club 45. AWESOME ride. When you get off the heavy traffic areas from Sunrise Lodge to Trail 13 cutoff trails go from Good to Excellent. Quite a bit of traffic but the colder temps are keeping the trails in shape. Life is good in Land O Lakes.

News and Reports:

Ride Right and Ride Safe!

Stay on the trail.

Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – January 26, 2023


Trail Conditions: Good

Snow Cover: 12-16 inches

Date of Report: January 26, 2023

Area Report:

The last week and a half have been a challenge for grooming operations. The holiday weekend was extremely busy with riders, and we experienced warm weather followed by rain.  Between the number of riders and the warm weather, trails were rough, and we lost about 5 days of grooming to the warmth and rain.  The deep, soft snow is difficult for the grooming machines to go through, so they need to move faster to keep up their momentum.  The large amount of soft snow sticks in the drag, leading to breaking of cross beams and other parts malfunctions.  In addition to those challenges, the lack of freezing temperatures and frost in the ground under the snow makes the trails not able to freeze and set up once groomed. All this combined was a recipe for rough riding conditions.   

Our grooming crews have been working double time with many extra hours this week to get the trails in shape for the weekend.  Reports today are that the trails are beautiful! 

While you are riding this or any weekend, groomers are out, so know the trails are being worked on and please watch for them and ride safely and with respect.

This weekend will finally bring cold temperatures to the area. The cold will not only help with trails setting up, but they will also help the lakes.  Lakes are staked (except for Lake Hayward – note you can get in and around Hayward without lake riding) but they are rough and off the staked trail you will find a lot of slush. We recommend you stay on the staked trail unless you need to get to lodging or establishments.

Ride safe and enjoy!

Trail Report – : Dickinson County, Michigan – January 26, 2023


Trail Conditions: Excellent

Snow Cover: 6 to 8 Inches on trials

Date of Report: January 26, 2023

Area Report:

Our trails are in Excellant shape now!Groomers are running daily.All of the swamps are groomed,except for one.Please watch for water or ice in spots. Be Safe!

Trail Report – : Spooner and Washburn County, Wisconsin – January 26, 2023

Reporter:Washburn County

Trail Conditions: Open

Snow Cover: 10+

Date of Report: January 26, 2023

Area Report:

There has been a recent dusting of snow across the county. Area Clubs & County Staff are continuing to maintain a close eye on trails and their conditions. All of the clubs are reporting the trails to be in great condition for riding. There are some areas and sections of trails getting soft with the recent rain and warmer temps at the beginning of the week. Cooler temps & more snow is in the forecast so the trail base should harden back up and create great riding for the remainder of the season. Please remember to ride with caution and stay on designated trail surfaces. Clubs are out grooming and maintaining the trails on a regular basis so please use caution when you encounter grooming equipment.

Trail Report – : Bayfield County, Wisconsin – January 26, 2023


Trail Conditions: Excellent

Snow Cover: 10-12

Date of Report: January 26, 2023

Area Report:

Fresh snow falling mid-week should make for great riding this weekend. Trees and branches continue to fall so please ride with CAUTION.

News and Reports:

Barnestormers  Trails are groomed and in excellent condition. Colder weather this weekend should help keep them in good shape.

Drummond Sno Jacks Drummond trails are great. Groomer is out daily, hitting all trials every other day. As usual this year, watch for fallen branches etc on the trails.

Frostys vintage riders    No report

Namakagon Trail Groomers All NTG trails were groomed and are in excellent condition.

Northern Adventures Iron River area trails and trail 4 to Mason will all be groomed this week and in good shape for the weekend.

South Shore Trails Club All South Shore trails will be groomed by Thursday and are in great condition.

Washburn Valhellers     Washburn area trails are in excellent condition. Two shifts were groomed Tuesday. Please be aware of one caution area on trail #13 between Washburn and Valhalla along County C. The groomer got stuck and there are ruts, water and mud on a short section of uneven trail.

Grooming schedule:

Wednesday: Trails 13, 35, and 31 around Valhalla and the Sunbowl

Thursday: Trails 13,33,31 and 63

Friday: Moquah Spur and 13 into Washburn

White River Ramblers All trails in the Delta area will be groomed by Friday and are in great shape.

Snowmobile Information:


Sign up to receive text message or email trail condition updates on the county website under “Notify Me.” You can also find updates on Snowtracks and view the Wisconsin Snow Conditions widget at 


Order a snowmobile map online or pick one up at area businesses. You can also download the Avenza app (for free) and get the updated Snowmobile Map on your device before you hit the trails – locate yourself on the trail map with GPS so you can see where you are, even with no cell reception! If you’d like to see the sponsor businesses on the same type of map, try the Trail Treker app ($1.99).

Be sure to stop in, warm up and patronize the businesses on our snowmobile map. Their advertising makes it possible to print and distribute the map.


Trail Report – : Hurley, Wisconsin – January 26, 2023

Trail Conditions: Excellent

Snow Cover: 12-16

Date of Report: January 26, 2023

Area Report:

Light snow is falling in Hurley WI right now!

Snowmobile Information:

Light snow is falling in Hurley WI right now, groomers are out, trails are in good to excellent condition, and cooler weather is expected this weekend. There’s no better time to enjoy all that Iron County WI has to offer. Don’t wait until Spring to say “I should have gone there!”

Trail Report – : Conover, Wisconsin – January 26, 2023


Trail Conditions: Excellent

Snow Cover: 10-16″

Date of Report: January 26, 2023

Area Report:

All the east side trails were groomed by me last night. We are staying out of the cemetery trail, last night and again Thursday night. I’m sure Trail Boss Chad will try to get in there on Friday. With the colder temps coming, that should help freeze up the swamp in there good. The west side was patially groomed, along K to Buckatabon Rd, the D-loop, and 13 up to Rummels Rd. I’m guessing the rest was good from night before since the same operator was out there Tuesday evening. Everything I groomed last night panned in real nice. But I did meet quite a few sleds last night. Most were diligent in getting off the trail to allow me room to pass, or waited till I stopped in a safe area to pass. Most were easy on the throttle when they hit the fresh groomed trail. Then there was the group of 4 that felt the need to power thru every corner I just groomed. Snow didn’t have a chance to set up, so every corner had to be pulled back in again. Luckily, I had to go back that way. If they hit it after my second pass, it would have ruined it for everyone else the next day. So please remember to enjoy the fresh trail, but don’t accelerate out of every corner. 

News and Reports:

We have a spot that sleds are riding off trail. This is on Trail 3 where sleds are going past a barrier and caution tape to ride on the ATV trail. We don’t have permissions for snowmobiling on this private land. Please stay on the trail. 

If you find a condition that you need to report to the Conover Sno-Buddies like a down tree, water on the trail, etc, either message us on Facebook, use the contact page on our website, or even notify a local establishment. They know how to get a hold of us to fix the issue. 

  • A reminder to ride between the orange blazers. Along Hwy K West, there were several 100 trees removed this summer to place new electric poles. Most of the stumps are still there. If you were to hit one, it could ruin your trip quickly. Ride Right ➡️ Ride Safe.
  • To see where the Groomer is at, check out  Groomer Tracker  Half the cost of the app comes back to Conover Sno-Buddies to support grooming operations.

Snowmobile Information:

January 28th – 1pm-4pm – Chilli and Soup Cook-off at Wild Turkey. Entreries must be there by 12:45pm. Bring a crook pot full of your favorite recipe. Or stop by and be a judge on entreries. 

Our annual Poker Run starts December 24th and ends on March 4th. You can pick up game cards to be stamped at several locations in Conover, Eagle River, Phelps, and Land O Lakes. Draw party is March 4th. No need to be present to win.

February 18 –  Northwoods Blizzard Blast
Conover Community Park
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
A Flurry of Winter Fun for Everyone!

The Winter Event That Supports Local Fire and EMS Departments

March 17 – Fundraiser at Club 45. Annual St. Patricks Day Corned Beef dinner. Money raised at this benefit go to the Sno-Buddies for trail maintenance. Come out and enjoy a Coorned Beef dinner provided by the Payne Family.

Trail Report – : Eagle River, Wisconsin – January 26, 2023

Reporter:Holly t

Trail Conditions: Excellent

Snow Cover: 10+ out of town – 4-6 near town – Ice base

Date of Report: January 26, 2023

Area Report:

January 26, 2023 7:06am – 16  – High 26

Good to Excellent

Schiff of SNOW overnight with a bit more this morning.  Less than an inch.  Next SNOW tomorrow, Friday.  An inch in the forecast. With temps in the mid 20’s & lots traffic trails have softened up.  Found this through Eagle River.  Lots of moisture in the SNOW & fluids from the sleds make the SNOW light brown.  Didn’t find snirt in the SNOW very soft though. What the trails need is new SNOW & COLD.   Cold is coming in starting Friday night. Single digits & below zero for the next 10 days.  Daytime single digits.  Not much SNOW.   Start DOIN’ THE SNOW DANCE!

Early panning built the base of ice that held up for the most part during the past major warm up. COLD temps for the next week plus. Last night groomed from the groomer barn:

  • 10W/13N to Conover connect (including new swamp reroute off Adams rd. & the section down farther that switches back to trail off Adams rd.
  • 17N to Columbus Rd
  • 3N aka Manske Swamp
  • 10W/13N across Wisconsin River Bridge
  • From intersection on west side of bridge 13N to the Bauer’s Dam area & 10W to Croker Rd
  • Alt 13S to Three Lakes turn around

Won’t be riding today. Heading out west tomorrow, Friday to the Lac du Flambeau area.  Report conditions later Friday

Do know Eagle & Catfish Lake trails still have drifts & surface slush off the marked trail so please stay by the orange reflective barrels.  Remember not all lakes are safe. 

NOTE: Off of Trail 70W after entering St. Germain is a trail locals call “The Goat” trail.  It is a Club Trail that starts at TIN 287 to TIN 288 that is CLOSED.  It is clearly marked as CLOSED with fencing & signs.  Please do not ride through this area from either direction. DO NOT RIDE ON HWY 70 as this is not legal. Right click on map for larger version

On snowmobile designated road routes need to follow the speed limit set for the road for all vehicles.

Last, off trail riding is a big problem.  PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAIL & Take the Snowmobilers Pledge.


See ya on the trails Friday!

Holly Tomlanovich
Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club
Proud Groomers of THE SNOWMOBILE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD® – Eagle River
715.479-5185 Trail Updates

News and Reports:

SNO-EAGLES EVENTS    –  For local events go to

January 27-29 – Weekend Away to Mole Lake Casino
January 28-30 – Women On Snow

February 7 – Board of Directors meeting – 6pm – HQ Snowmobile Museum – Hwy 45N
February 10-12 – Pond Hockey – Dollar Lake – Chanticleer Spur trail off Trail 10E goes right by
February 12-15 – Weekday Away Ride to Mercer
February 16 – General Members meeting – Sweetwater 6pm – Hwy 45N
February 24-26 – World Series of Snowmobiling – WCDC Derby Track
February 25 – SNO (Saturday Night Out) Braywood Restaurant – 5pm – Catfish Lk Rd off Hwy 45S

Snowmobile Information:

Wisconsin Snowmobile Registration 
Discount Trail Pass for Snowmobile Club Members – $10 – Time to join a club!
Standard Wisconsin Trail Pass – $30
Out of State Trail Pass – $50
Vilas County Map It Trail App GPS style app of all trails in Vilas County.  Plus includes the brown 3 digit emergency numbering system. If an emergency happens call 911 & give them that number.  Find you quicker.
Groomer Tracking Systems (GTS) Gives you trails groomed in last 24, 48 & 96 hours
Snowmobile Wisconsin – Know before you go!

Trail Report – : Phelps, Wisconsin – January 26, 2023

Reporter:Phelps Snowmobile Club

Trail Conditions: Excellent

Snow Cover: 12″-18″

Date of Report: January 26, 2023

Area Report:

Good Thursday morning!  The Phelps Trail System is in excellent riding conditions.  We picked up around an inch of snow overnight with another 1″-2″ forecasted for tomorrow.  Trails have been groomed and a great base is out there.  Due to the unseasonable temps, some of trails across swamps have not been groomed.  Colder weather is in the forecast for the weekend with highs in the single didgets and lows in the minus teens.  This will help keep the trails in excellent conditions and frezze the swamps better.  Enjoy your time here in Phelps and if you don’t belong to a club, join today.   Please stay on the marked trails and respect your fellow snowmobilers by staying to the right and watch your speeds.  Make sure you stop by our trail sponsers and say hi and thank our groomer operators if you happen to see them out on the trails.

Snowmobile Information:

Trail Report – : Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin – January 25, 2023


Trail Conditions: Excellent

Snow Cover: 12-16 inches

Date of Report: January 25, 2023

Area Report:

Dug and I rode Frosty Club trails in Land O Lakes, Conover, Eagle River, Phelps, and Watersmeet last night. All Awesome! Conditions are as good as they can be. All Frosty Club trails will be groomed again tonite. 

Up North Trails rock at Sunrise


News and Reports:

Radar Run at Bent’s Camp is ON!

February 18. Gonna be the Best Ever!

Snowmobile Information:

Stay on marked trails and Ride Right and Ride Safe!