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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – January 21, 2021

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 6-8 inches
Date of Report: January 21, 2021
Area Report:

Hello Riders!

There is snirt in areas and some gravel in others, we do need snow. With the grooming many of the trails to the north are in fair condition, some areas are a little better and some a little worse. Below is a breakdown of where has been groomed and where will be groomed in the following days;

Trails 3/5 between Moose Lake and Lost Land Lake.

Trail 5 to Spider Lake

9 to Twin Lake Tap – Trail 9 between the Tap and Hayward Power Sports is a VERY heavily traveled trail section and is in the open and near the road, even with a lot of snow this trail gets rough and they constantly groom it in the season but it is hard to keep up with its traffic. The plus side is it isn’t a very long section but more of a connector.

Trail 18 south of the bridge between Tiger Cat and Callahan is groomed, north of the bridge will not be groomed until more snow.

3/21 to the north groomed and 3/21 to the south to River.
Trail 5 to the south will not be groomed yet due to there being rocks on that trail and the groomer will uproot them into the trail but also break cleats and other parts of the drag grooming over.

Trail 77 and 8 groomed
Trail 5 to BlackIron Trail 22 and 31/77 groomed.

Trail 31 south from Hayward to Grindstone was groomed but rough due to the need of more snow.

Trail 9 south to the Flowage will be groomed.

Tuscobia reported to be flat and white.

Southern area near Flambeau Forest and Birchwood will not be grooming until more snow falls.

These areas, from the Chippewa Flowage to the north are rideable.

The Chippewa Flowage reports to be in good shape. Other lakes report to be in fair shape. Spider Lake has been rough this season.
LCO remains to not be safe for staking.

Lake Hayward trail exiting/entering the lake behind Market Place is closed as it has opened area. Please use the entrance/exit behind Holiday Inn. Open water by the bowling alley area on Lake Hayward.

Trail 18 entrance/exit on the Flowage at R & R is also closed, this has a very large open area of water, please to not attempt to use this area and think you can go around! For your safety please use an alternate route on and off of the Flowage.

Riders also, please STAY ON the marked trails! Trespassing and going off approved trails on private property has been huge issue this year. This is how we lose trails that we can never get back. Please do not ruin this, ride smart and be respectful.


News and Reports:
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Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and clubs and thank you to all of you for choosing Sawyer County as your riding destination!

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Snowmobile Friendly                                             

Trail Report – : Ely, Minnesota – January 21, 2021

Ely, MN Chamber of Commerce

Reporter:Ely Chamber of Commerce/Explore MN Visitor Center

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: 4-18″

Date of Report: January 21, 2021

Area Report:

GENERAL INFORMATION: Trail and snow conditions have changed very little in the past week. Portions of trail going through swamps, i.e., Lost Lake swamp on the Arrowhead trail, are generally smoother and less rocky than upland portions. On these portions with more snow and fewer rocks, crews will be grooming as conditions allow. Please use caution while riding, slow down, and stay to the right.

There is active logging happening on a number of spots throughout the Grant-in-Aid and State Trail system, especially further north toward Orr and International Falls. Please slow down and give trucks and logging equipment space. No Motorized Vehicles other than snowmobiles are allowed on State Trails or Grant-in-Aid snowmobile trails.

Area Trails:  The Tomahawk has been groomed once towards the North shore as there is a little more snow at the North Shore side with more grooming in that area. Mud lake is now staked which completes the Ely Area for stakes. The trail between White Iron Lake and Birch Lake has been groomed. The trail from Birch to Babbitt’s trail has also been groomed. Most lakes have some slush except by the stakes where it is packed and frozen.

Arrowhead State Trail: The Arrowhead State trail is the backbone to an extensive Grant-in-Aid trail system that travels through remote areas.

TRAIL CONDITIONS:  Snowmobiling: Condition-Poor to Fair Trail – Groomed; Base – 0-2”; The entire Arrowhead State Trail has been groomed and is in poor to fair condition. Much of the trail has been panned only due to rocks and lack of a good base. Conditions are rough especially south of the Crane Lake Road due to ledge rock outcrops throughout the trail. There is active logging at numerous locations throughout the trail. Please maintain awareness and caution at all times while riding.

Bearhead Lake State Park Snowmobiling: Condition – Fair; Trails – Groomed; Base 2”

TRAIL CONDITIONS: The Taconite Trail in Bear Head Lake State Park was groomed on January 20 and is in fair condition with some areas of debris and thin base under the large pines.

Bearhead State Park trails provide rolling topography through birch and pine stands.  You may see a variety of wildlife ranging from deer, wolves, ruffed grouse, and pine martens.  You can snowshoe anywhere in Minnesota’s state parks and recreation areas, except on trails that are specifically groomed for another activity, such as snowmobiling or skiing.

Lake Vermilion – Soudan Underground Mine State Park: Snowmobiling: Condition – Poor; Trails – Groomed; Base – 0-2”

TRAIL CONDITIONS:  Trails have been groomed once and will be groomed again when we get more snow. The park trails are open, but snowmobile travel is not recommended. 

The park has 5 miles of snowmobile trails that connect from the Taconite State Trail to the Lake Vermilion ice trail.  The ride takes you through old growth pines and young aspen forests with large wetland complexes to view along the way.  You can snowshoe anywhere in Minnesota’s state parks and recreation areas, except on trails that are specifically groomed for another activity, such as snowmobiling or skiing.

Putnam/Fishing Lakes – Bear Island State Forest: Snowmobiling: Condition – Poor to Fair; Trails –Not Groomed; Base 0-1”: The Putnam and Fishing Lakes Trails traverse forested, rolling topography through birch, ash, and pine stands.  Several small lakes dot the landscape along these scenic trails. 

TRAIL CONDITIONS:  The trail remains mostly ungroomed due to thin ice in the water crossing southwest of Putnam Lake. Crews may be able to get around and groom from the other side of that crossing before the upcoming weekend. Continue to check the online trail report for updates. 

Taconite State Trail – Snowmobiling: Condition – Poor to Fair; Trails –Groomed; Base 0-2”

Taconite State Trail stretches 165 miles from Grand Rapids to Ely through many scenic vistas of rolling hillsides, lakes, rivers and forest.

TRAIL CONDITIONS: The entire Taconite between Ely and Side Lake has been groomed and is in poor to fair condition. Trail base is thin, so watch for rocks and bumps in uplands and spruce swamps. Rocks are prevalent especially between Hwy 53 and 73 and also between Ely and the Babbitt Spur trail.

Taconite Spur West – Not groomed

Taconite Spur North – Not groomed

Stony Spur East – Not groomed

News and Reports:

For more information an area trails and events, please visit

Trail Report – : Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin – January 21, 2021


Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: lightly snowing

Date of Report: January 21, 2021

Area Report:

Rode the entire Frosty Club trail system and a little Conover last night. Trails need snow but were definitely rideable. Will groom the entire system again Friday night and THINK SNOW!

News and Reports:

Radar Run at Bent’s Camp Saturday, Feb. 13.

Land O Lakes Recreation is renting snowmobiles at this time so give them a call for your rental needs.

Trail Report – : Phelps, Wisconsin – January 21, 2021

Reporter:Phelps Snowmobile Club

Trail Conditions: Poor

Snow Cover: 5″- 7″

Date of Report: January 21, 2021

Area Report:

I wish that we had better news to report.  Trails are rideable with no grooming done in the past 2 weeks.  Picking up some light lake effect snow this mornig with a cold front moving through.  No accumaltion amunts given.  Next chance for snow is Sunday with snow showers perdicted.  If you decide to hit the trails, be very carefull and stay on the marked trails whether you are on land or on a lake trail.  Please use caution in logging areas.  Obey signs when near them to keep our trails open.

Snowmobile Information:

Trail Report – : Walworth County, Wisconsin – January 21, 2021

Reporter:Ryan Strand

Trail Conditions: Closed

Snow Cover: 4-8″ Varies throughout County

Date of Report: January 21, 2021

Area Report:

Keep checking back for updates.  Groomers have been out working with what we have.  Some areas the wind/ drifting helped yesterday and hurt other areas.  We are close, so stay tuned for updates.   Snow is in the forecast for the weekend so let’s hope they get this forecast right! 

Trail Report – : Boulder Junction, Wisconsin – January 21, 2021


Trail Conditions: Good

Snow Cover: 4-8 inches

Date of Report: January 21, 2021

Area Report:

Trail update – January 21, 2021:

All of our trails were groomed Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Yesterday I did a trail inspection by snowmobile of all our trails. Surprisingly, they were not in terrible shape. Trail 15S from Boulder down to Corridor 10 ranged from good to fair, the further south I went. Trail 8E from the intersection of Trail 15 to the intersection of Trail 7 was fair to good. The first stretch of Forest Road was thin with some dirt and leaves on the trail, but once I reached Nixon Lake Road it was good to very good all the way to the Trail 7 intersection. I took Trail 7N up to our Trail 6E and that was good to very good, and returned towards Boulder on Trail 6E, which was good back to the intersection of 15N, 15S, and 6E. Trail 15S back to Boulder was good to fair with more snirt closer to town. Caution on Trail 6E just east of the gravel pit. A delivery truck was stuck in the middle of the trail and created some ruts. Trail 2W from Boulder to Manitowish was fair to good. The trail just west of Whitney Lake Road to Keego Lake Road is thin with a snirty mixture and has some ruts and divots mainly paralleling Bear Lake Road. Once I hit Keego Lake Road it was very good all the way to Manitowish’s Trail 2, which is also good. Trail 8W towards Maniitowish Waters is thin with snirty stretches and would be rated as fair, with the Day Lake Road portion of the trail gates as very good. If you plan to ride, please be careful, stay on marked trails, and have a good time.

Trail advisory: If riding on the Boulder Junction airport spur trail, please stay on the edge of the runway parallel to the road in both directions. Damage has been done to the runway and if it continues, we could potentially lose access to this trail.

Think snow! – Landy Roepk, Boulder Junction Snowmobile Club

Join us for these upcoming events:

February 6. 13th Annual Frozen Tozen Ice Fishing Tournament. Boulder Lake. 8am-4pm

February 14. Boulder Junction Snowmobile Club Breakfast. Boulder Beer Bar. 8:30am-11am

Trail Report – : Eagle River, Wisconsin – January 21, 2021

Reporter:Holly t

Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: Thin cover – 2 to 7 or 8 inches

Date of Report: January 21, 2021

Area Report:

January 21  – 7:39am Currently 28 – High of 28 today – Low tonight 5

 Trails remain in on average Poor to Fair Very Early Riding Condition
No grooming overnight

Off trail riding has become a problem throughout Vilas county.  What this is doing is jeopardizing trail easements & will cause trail section closures.  Please once again stay on marked trails.

Tuesday evening an off trail rider riding on Catfish lake lost his life.  He was no where near the barrels that are placed on Catfish & Eagle by businesses on those lakes. To include the spur to Eagle Waters. This was completely avoidable. Please stay by the markers to be safe. Entire lakes are NOT safe. Temps have dropped so that will freeze up any remaining surface slush

Everyday there is small amounts of SNOW.  Mosting looking like mix of Lake Effect Snow & regular Snow. Next measurable SNOW is Sunday with a 40% chance.  Are you Dancin’?   Starting tonight & forward temps at night will be low teens during the day & single digits at night even below zero.

Trail 3N aka Manske Swamp has been closed.  Due to high water & off rail riding.  This trail is a cut across between 13N & 17N. It many reopen when it freezes back up.                                                                                            

As for the land trails most are covered with a thin amount of snow.  Underneath there is crusty snow, ice & hard frozen ground.  There are some riders out.  Saw riders on 10E, 10/13N. Recommend heading north & west to ride if you have a need.

PLEASE REMEMBER WHILE VILAS COUNTY TRAILS ARE OPEN, ONEIDA & FOREST ARE NOT.  PLEASE DO NOT RIDE IN THOSE AREAS.  This includes Three Lakes, Sugar Camp & Newbold which are all in Oneida county.


Holly Tomlanovich
Phone Trail Updates 715.479.5185 reporting conditions weekly
Eagle River area eventsSno-Eagles club events

News and Reports:


UPDATE – Sno-Eagles Wednesday & Thursday rides start has been cancelled for now. 
Will resume when there is adequate SNOW

Be sure to contact Club President, Howard Wolf at 262.442.4876 for more information as to when rides start

  • January 21 – Sno-Eagles General membership meeting – Live stream – Go to Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club Facebook page for information & instructions
  • January 29-31 – Women on Snow
  • February 2 – Sno-Eagles Board Meeting – 6pm – VFW Eagle River – Hwy 70 just south of Verizon – Southside of hwy
  • February 9-11 – Mid Week Overnight ride to White Pine – Rooms still available – Contact Carol Radloff 715.479.5153 for details

To volunteer or for more information on Sno-Eagles activities contact Howard Wolf at 262.442.487

Snowmobile Information:

Wisconsin Snowmobile Registration
Discount Trail Pass for Snowmobile Club Members – $10 – Time to join a club!
Standard Wisconsin Trail Pass – $30
Out of State Trail Pass – $50
Newly Updated Vilas County Map It Trail App GPS style app of all trails in Vilas Cty.  Plus includes the brown 3 digit emergency numbering system. If an emergency happens call 911 & give them that number.  Find you quicker.
Newly Updated Groomer Tracking Systems (GTS) Gives you trails groomed in last 24, 48 & 96 hours
AWSC – Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs
DNR Snowmobiling Helpful Information

Trail Report – : Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – January 20, 2021


Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: 2-7″

Date of Report: January 20, 2021

Snowmobile Information:

I went on a short patrol today. Even though trail 1 Stearns Lake Road is still snow covered, my wife’s Indy ran warmer than usual. I took that up to trail 51, and that was very thin. The main grade on trail 17 from Lac du flambeau to Woodruff is showing a brown racing stripe down the middle. Latest chance for decent snow looks to be this Saturday. As always, check in with Wolf

Trail Report – : Sayner, Wisconsin – January 20, 2021

Reporter:SaynerStar Lake Barnstormers

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: Minimal

Date of Report: January 20, 2021

Area Report:

All of the Sayner Star Lake Barnstormer trails have been groomed in the past few days.  We are still waiting on Mother Nature to give us something to work with.  Until then, most of our system remains in fair condition.  You can find many areas that aren’t bad to ride, but there is minimal base.  The worst conditions are in the areas where logging operations continue, so be extra cautious.

If you are planning to come up this weekend, be prepared for heavier traffic and be especially cautious as the corners are getting icy and slick.

The forecast is for possible snow this coming Sunday/Monday, although they are already lowing the expectations of significant snowfall.  

  • Logging operations are continuing throughout the northwoods and in many areas where snowmobile trails are located.  Loggers have first priority!  PLEASE be respectful of them and make every attempt to stay out of their way.  DO NOT engage with them.  Loggers have a legal right to close any snowmobile trail where they are working.  They are being cooperative with the clubs and working with us the best they can.  PLEASE do not give them reason to close the trails.
  • There is absolute minimum base on the trail.  Be prepared to encounter many ruts, holes, rocks and little snow for hyfax lubrication.
  • Hintz’s North Star Lodge is currently closed.  Therefore, we have closed the trail leading to their establishment.  If and when they are open for business, we will reopen that trail.  Please respect them by not riding across their property.

Thank you for your patience and support while we await more snow.  Ride RIght and Stay Safe!

News and Reports:

Mark your calendar for these Barnstormer events!