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Trail Report – : Rice Lake & Barron County, Wisconsin – February 26, 2021



Trail Conditions: Good

Snow Cover: 4-8″

Date of Report: February 26, 2021

Area Report:

Barron County Trails are OPEN in good condition with a 4-8″ base.  Snowmobile trails are NOT open to ATV or UTV’s with the exception of the Caittail State Trail from Turtle Lake to Almena, trail 39 from Turtle Lake to Cumberland and the Wild River State Trail.  Please call 715-637-4275 for current updates.

Trail Report – : Ashland County, Wisconsin – February 26, 2021

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: 6-14inches

Date of Report: February 26, 2021

Area Report:

Snowmobile Report – February 26, 2021
The Snowmobile Trails in Ashland County are OPEN.  Due to the warm weather the past few days, trail conditions in Ashland County are in Fair to Good.  Trails were groomed Thursday and will continue to groom if the temps get below freezing.  Snow is sparse in a lot of areas such as farmers fields and road crossings.  Ride at your own risk.

Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – February 26, 2021


Trail Conditions: Good

Snow Cover: 6-9 inches of snow

Date of Report: February 26, 2021

Area Report:

Just a quick update…Our temps are warmer but the trails in the woods and lakes are holding up fairly good. Trails on and along the roads that have exposure do have a lot of bareness and as we call in the biz “snirt”. Fortunately, those trails are mostly connectors so your riding on them can be minimal or you can map out an alternative route if allows. As you see those trails that run along the highway, do not be discouraged as the trails in the woods are holding up much better as are the lakes. This weekend trails will be ridable, some areas will be better than others. Also, there are areas of ice so please ride corners and hills with caution. Would suspect the lakes will get slick as well with the warm up during the day and cool down at night. The southern part of the county received 5″ of snow fall early this week and do have the best conditions.

Trails were groomed early this week, however many groomers are holding back right now due to the soft conditions so that they do not do any harm to the trails.
So to sum it up the trails are good, some fair. All trails will be rideable this weekend. The end is nearing on us so you may want to get in what you can while you can. I know many want to know about the weekend of March 6th and the Weenie Roast at Lakewoods. We hope there are rideable conditions next weekend but at this point it’s much too early to say and the forecast shows warm temps.

Trail Report – : Eagle River, Wisconsin – February 26, 2021

Reporter:Holly t

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: Thin base to a couple of inches – loose to mushy SNOW

Date of Report: February 26, 2021

Area Report:

 6:53am Currently 18 – High 37 – Low 28 tonight
 Trails on average FAIR
With Good & Poor as well
GTS Trails app shows groomers out in the last 24 hours

Trail grooming continued last night with an almost full grooming. Nearly a full trail system grooming overnight. Only Trail 10E & the spurs off of 10E, 1 that leads to the Eagle Lake boat launch on the northside of the lake & small section of 17N were not groomed.

Best way to learn the trails is to buy a Sno-Eagles trail map. It also had the entire Vilas county trails on the backside.  Plus download the GTS trails app  It is available at the App Store.

We have entered the “Adventure Sledding” time of the season.  When riding expect all sorts of conditions.  Next SNOW is Sunday with an 80% chance. 2-4 inches forecast.   If ya THINK COLD maybe it all will stick.  START DANCIN

Did our riding yesterday west of Eagle River in the Minocqua & Lake Tomahawk area.  Rode 70 miles & the conditions were all over the place.  Sections of GOOD, FAIR, POOR & YIKES.  Started our ride at 21 degrees.  Returned at 37 degrees.  Jackets unzipped.  Shield open. Considering taking off my gloves.  THANKS TO MINOCQUA FOREST RIDERS, NEW TOM SNO FLEAS as while thin it was 90% smooth.  Shout out to NORTHERN HORNSHOES for hosting a club ride!

Please stay on the trails to keep them trails open. 

Catfish & Eagle Lake trails are marked with orange reflective barrels.  Surface slush on both lakes. Watch for ice fishing holes on both lakes. The lakes are marked by the businesses on the lake so stop in & thank them when you’re out riding.

Riding again today.  Wonder what adventure awaits.  Let you know tomorrow!

Ride it while we got it.  SEE YA ON THE TRAILS!

Holly Tomlanovich
Phone Trail Updates 715.479.5185 reporting conditions weekly
Eagle River area eventsSno-Eagles club events
Snowtracks Reports

News and Reports:

Stay tuned for Wednesday & Thursday Trail Ride Updates
Start at the Historic Railroad Depot on Trail 10/13N – 9am departure
Be sure to contact Club President, Howard Wolf at 262.442.4876 for more information on the rides 

  • February 27 – UTV Arctic Derby Dash – Volunteers needed
  • February 27 – Groom to Ride raffle drawing – 1pm – Trackside – Hwy 45N – Tickets available at businesses all through Eagle River, Conover & Three Lakes – Buckets raffles too!
  • March 2 – Sno-Eagles Board of Directors meeting – VFW Post 8637 – 6pm – One block west of Eliason Realty – Hwy 70 on the left – Public Welcome
  • March 18 – General Membership Meeting – 7pm – Via Facebook – Goes to Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club
  • March 19-20 – RAM Trucks National Snocross – World Championship Derby Complex -Stay tuned for more details!

To volunteer or for more information on Sno-Eagles activities
contact Howard Wolf at 262.442.4876

Snowmobile Information:

Wisconsin Snowmobile Registration
Discount Trail Pass for Snowmobile Club Members – $10 – Time to join a club!
Standard Wisconsin Trail Pass – $30
Out of State Trail Pass – $50
Newly Updated Vilas County Map It Trail App GPS style app of all trails in Vilas Cty.  Plus includes the brown 3 digit emergency numbering system. If an emergency happens call 911 & give them that number.  Find you quicker.
Newly Updated Groomer Tracking Systems (GTS) Gives you trails groomed in last 24, 48 & 96 hours
AWSC – Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs
DNR Snowmobiling Helpful Information

Trail Report – : Three Lakes – Brule River, Wisconsin – February 26, 2021


Trail Conditions: Good

Snow Cover: 5-7”

Date of Report: February 26, 2021

Area Report:

Our system is 100% open. We have had some new snow this week, but have had some warmer temperatures also. We have had no discussion on closing. Trails are still in good condition out in the woods. When you get closer to town, they do deteriorate and you will see some patches of dirt. Yes, they are very much rideable. Don’t wait, get out and ride. We expect a busy weekend. We are still grooming as much as we can.

The lakes are all marked, however you might start to see some slush. Remember, the throttle is your friend when you hit slush. Stay close to the barrels for the safest ice.

Please follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information.

Trail Report – : Chippewa County, WI – February 25, 2021


Trail Conditions: Closed

Snow Cover: 0-3″

Date of Report: February 25, 2021

Area Report:

The warmup and bright sun have taken a toll on our trail.  The long term forecast has little to no snow and more warm temperatures.  The trails are closed for the season.

Jeff Myers

Trail Report – : Sugar Camp, Wisconsin – February 25, 2021

Reporter:Matt Winters

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: 14″

Date of Report: February 25, 2021

Area Report:

The trails are smooth but alot of snirt. The corners are getting blown out daily because of the warm temps. Corners are more than likely icy at night when temps drop so ride with caution. Lakes are slushy between the snow and ice but the swamps are remaining frozen. Keep praying for more snow.

Trail Report – : Crivitz, Wisconsin – February 25, 2021


Trail Conditions: Unknown

Snow Cover: Iron Snow Shoe Snowmobile Trails OPEN North of Hwy C-Trails CLOSED South Of Hwy C

Date of Report: February 25, 2021

Area Report:

Iron Snow Shoe Snowmobile Trails OPEN North of Hwy C-Trails CLOSED South Of Hwy C

We ask that all ATVs/UTVs stay off the Iron Snow Shoe Trails during this warm spell.   

Area Events:

Saturday, March 6, 2021  High Falls Radar Runs Town of Stephenson Park- Boat Landing 3 Rd, 112 miles NW of Crivitz, WI  715-757-3511

Sunday, April 11, 2021 20th Annual Iron Snowshoe Banquet  at Rene’s Dining Room Door Open Cash Bar 5:00 Dinner 7:00   Gund, Prints, 50/50 Raffle & More

Must buy tickets in advance-only 100 tickets sold 715-927-0356 

March 2- August 24, 2021 Iron Shoe Shoe 26 Gun/Meat/Cash Raffle Tickets sold in advance at businesses on the trail, 1 gun will be won every Tuesday night for 26 weeks starting March 2, 2021         Ticket are almost sold out-buy your ticket now.   $25.00 a ticket      715-757-3389

Trail Report – : Stephenson County, Illinois – February 25, 2021


Trail Conditions: Closed

Snow Cover: Going, going

Date of Report: February 25, 2021

Area Report:

As of 12PM today we will CLOSE our trails. We hung on as long as we could but the warm weather has won. It was a great 4 weeks and we hope you were able to get out and ride our trails and enjoyed them as much as we did.