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Trail Report – : Sayner, Wisconsin – March 1, 2020

Reporter:SaynerStar Lake Barnstormers
Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: .5 to 5 inches on the trail
Date of Report: March 1, 2020
Area Report:

Trail conditions vary, on average, from fair at the best to still pretty good. This all depends on if they are shaded or exposed to the sun. Running scratchers on your machine are pretty much a must right now as it is hard to find any loose snow. This is due to having temps in the 40s during the day and then well below freezing at night. It is close to 50 right now. Anything exposed is melting fast. Most, if not all, road routes are bare. Please stay on the trails no matter how bad they might be. We don’t need to lose any routes for next season because too many rode off the trails this season.

Until we get some fresh snow, it has already reached a point to where it all depends on what you personally find acceptable conditions to ride. If you want perfect pristine conditions, you will have to wait for fresh snow – if we get it. What the conditions actually are is all a matter of opinion. Some would find a heavy frost acceptable to ride on.

The forecast is not good as they are calling for at least upper 30s to low to mid 40s for at least the next 10 days. I wish I had better news for you all but I WILL be honest no matter how much anyone doesn’t like it.

As I have been saying all season – it is extremely important to stay by the markers when crossing a marked lake. With the erratic ice conditions we had this season; it is not going to take long for those conditions to deteriorate fast.