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Trail Report – : Lake Vermilion, St. Louis County, Minnesota – January 20, 2022

Trail Conditions: Excellent
Snow Cover: 16" to 22"
Date of Report: January 20, 2022
Area Report:
With the fresh 6″ of snow, we are happy to report that our land trails are in excellent condition!
There have been reports of the Vermilion River as being “decent” now whereas before it was sketchy.
There has been very little traffic during the week.  If this excites you, we highly recommend you get up here because this season is so short.
Here’s a Safety note from our local Vermilion Penguins Club: “As is far too often the case we encountered a few riders who ride smack down the middle of the trail and barely budge if at all even when meeting others. Please don’t do this, ride on your side whenever possible (trails last longer) and move over as far as you safely can when meeting other sleds. Clicking skis (or worse) in no fun and it’s dangerous. Nuff said.”