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Trail Report – : Lake Gogebic, Michigan – January 8, 2018

Reporter:AJ's Walleye Lodge
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 24" in the last week
Date of Report: January 8, 2018
Area Report:

Good morning from Lake Gogebic where another busy, busy weekend is on the books and we wake up today wishing the King of Rock and Roll – Elvis Presley – a Happy Birthday (he would have been 83 in the event you don’t feel old ENUF today)!!!

Well, last week we had about 24” or so inches of fresh powder on the North Shore of Lake Gogebic and last night we got a dusting a little less than an inch.     This weekend there was a lot of traffic out on the trails, but the trails held up well all things considered and those of you who are still in the area or heading up today should have some good riding.   All three groomers were out this weekend and they did the best they could considering the number of riders.    Guests leaving town on Sunday had a lot of good things to say about the trails and “mint” was all one guest had to say as he was packing up his gear on Sunday.     Couple challenge spots – but nothing extreme.  The good news is (and there is always good news) that our Groomers are on top if it and they know what they are doing.    We have to trust their judgement and when they tell us something – we need to listen.    

We’ll see our recent sub-zero temperatures rise in the beginning of this week, and while we may even hit the freezing mark on Tues/Wed, there won’t be any significant damage to trails.    Groomers will continue to head out daily and should be able to keep the trails in good shape in spite of the “predicted” mid-week warm up.    Temps will drop back to single digits and below by Thursday.    There is also the potential for a pretty big winter storm later this week.  John Dee is forecasting 8-12” of snow between January 10-14, with potential for additional lake effect snows beyond that into the 3rd week of January.    While we encourage everyone to keep their fingers and toes crossed – we do not recommend doing so while out on the trails!

Lake travel has picked up and Bergland Bay has about 11-12 inches of ice with some slush holes and everyone is encouraged to drive with caution.  As you go into the big lake the ice seems solid from Porcupine Point down past the East Shore.     Lake travel has not produced any incidents – but always use caution and keep a lookout for other snowmobilers and ice fisherman out there with their shacks.  

Overall, trails are in good to excellent condition – especially considering all the traffic over the past few days.   Conditions are reported to be better on the North end of the lake where the is more snow, than on the South end where snow is thinner.

Here’s where we stand as of today and we will update Wed night/Thurs early a.m.:

  • Corridor 1 & 8 above Berland is holding up well with all the traffic.
  • Trail 1 to White Pine is in good or excellent condition.
  • Trail 13 North is in good condition; Trail 13 South to Trail 2 has not been groomed as there is not enough snow.
  • Trail 8 West to Ewen is reported to be in good condition – and will be better once the groomers go through it after the weekend.
  • A reminder our groomer broke thru mud last week on Trail 8 west of Bergland – and that trail is not recommended for good travel right now.
  • Trail 1 from Gogebic Lodge to Marenisco, Forest road to Marenisco, Trail 2 out of Marenisco and Trail 1 to Presque Isle.   Trails are groomed and reported to be in good to very good condition with a few thin spots near Marenisco.
  • Trail 102 has been groomed and is in good condition. 

While many of you are seasoned riders, there are a lot of snowmobilers and ice fishermen up here right now it’s best to err on the side of caution.   Before heading out on the trails – make sure you are prepared and that you have a general plan for your day (understanding that sometimes the best plans are no plans ?.)   Dress in layers and cover all exposed areas.   Check the weather conditions, pull out a map, and review the reports.    Make sure you have enough fuel and plan where your next fuel stop is going to be before you leave.    Make sure your phone is charged – and keep in mind that cell service may be sketchy in some areas.   Pack a couple waters and some snacks.    Let someone where you’re staying know what your plans might be.      With all the visitors in the area, lunch and dinner times are very busy at the restaurants and taverns.   It might be worth your while to ride during peak meal times and then you can dine after the rush!  

Gogebic Area Grooming is continuously updating their Facebook page and our groomers and members are sending in photos and updates daily so it’s a great resource to dial in to.    Post your comments, pictures and anything you encounter that might help someone else out.   There are families and kids out there – so set a good example.     We can’t control Mother Nature as she has a mind all her own – but we want you to know that we all work hard to make sure that your visit to the Lake Gogebic Area is a good time – every time!      

This is Mary Beth from the Walleye Lodge wishing you a great week.   Let’s hope Mother Nature gets real herself in a tizzy and sends us a lot of LES!!!   

Weekends are full or almost full – weekdays we can be more flexible with early check ins; room upgrades and rates.   

Don’t forget the Lake Gogebic Iceman Tournament January 20-21!

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