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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – December 21, 2020

Trail Conditions: Not Ridable
Snow Cover: 1
Date of Report: December 21, 2020
Area Report:

Hello Riders!

What a year! We are happy to welcome the new riding season where social distancing in the great Northwood’s is always an easy task with the beautiful trails and woods we have to offer! So to start the kick off of the season we wanted to pass a bit of information on…

When do snowmobile trails open and close in Sawyer County?

The snow trails in Sawyer Co travel across several different land management area’s and private properties with different times and policies for opening and closing. Here a few to list.

  1. Tuscobia State trail is open year round for snowmobiles…just in case we get a snow storm in June 
  2. Sawyer Co Forest trails are also open year round for that June blizzard.
  3. Flambeau State Forest gates open to their trails upon conditions.
  4. Chequamegon National Forest does not have a set opening and they too decide depending on conditions. They require an adequate snow base before opening. They notify the Alliance upon their decisions – we update this information immediately upon notification. The snow trails have a close date of April 1st unless conditions change.
  5. Many trails in the center of the county cross private property. Many land owners do hunt so they want their property closed until that season is complete mid-December. **Do remember if the other trails are open and you are riding and encounter a closed gate to private property NEVER go around it. We are so grateful these land owners allow us on their land and we need to remain respectful and enter when allowed, stay on the trail, do not leave garbage (this includes belt parts) and remember there are noise laws, if you exceed the limit you need to leave your sled at home.

Also remember we have amazing lakes here in Sawyer County (approximately 20) and many of our great trails cross lakes and swamps to your favorite destinations, lodging and connecting trails. These all need to freeze well before they are staked and open. Some private property trails may lead to swamps so if there is snow but not adequate ice on those wetlands the gates will stay closed until there is to ensure safety. Speaking of ice we have had a cold snap and are making fabulous ice!! Many lakes have reported on average 6″, many have more, some not as much or consistent but they are on their way to being froze over. We will update as we continue to check their status.

Don’t forget your trail pass! Visit to purchase and if you’re a club member get your discounted pass from, you do not need to be a WI resident to be a club member. If interested in joining a club visit our website to see the clubs out there!

In the meantime, stay healthy and get your sleds and gear ready because it won’t be long! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!