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Trail Report – : Bayfield County, Wisconsin – January 30, 2019

Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 3 to 12 inches
Date of Report: January 30, 2019
Area Report:

General Countywide Report:
Most of the county received a few inches of additional new snow this past week. However, grooming operations have been on hold due to the bitterly cold temperatures. Most grooming operations will resume on Thursday or Friday, depending on the weather. Even with the new snow, trail conditions remain variable, with hard bases and icy conditions still being reported throughout the county. Use extra caution when out on the trails. Also, please be aware of maintenance equipment on the trail, as grooming can occur at any time, day or night. Approach all wet areas with extra caution and be prepared to turn around if the crossing appears suspicious. Be wary of low hanging branches, wet areas, downed trees and/or limbs, and other similar hazards that may compromise the trail. Use extra caution, be prepared to turn around or find an alternate route and stay on the trails!

See below for area specific reports. For the most up to date report of trail conditions, please contact the local snowmobile club.

Drummond Snojacks: All trails have a good base with some new snow and are in very good condition. Trail 63 S was groomed Monday night. Trail 63 N to Mason and Trail 4 to Sanborn has also been groomed. Trails 6 and 7 are also in good condition. There will be no grooming mid weed due to cold temps but may resume before the weekend. Reminder to users…trails in the Mason area are entirely on private property. Stay on the trail, don’t cut corners or look for shortcuts.

Namakagon Trail Groomers: 3 to 5” base, with 2 to 3” of new snow. Trails in the area are in good condition. Please expect grooming operations at any time, day or night.

Valhalla Area: Trails in the Valhalla area are in excellent condition. Grooming will resume on Thursday.

Iron River Area: Iron River area trails are in very good condition. Grooming will resume on Thursday, weather dependent.

Frosty’s Vintage Riders (Mason/Delta Area): Trail 4 in the Mason/Delta area has a nice base, but still some icy spots, especially on sharp corners and hills.

South Shore Trail Club (Port Wing, Herbster & Cornucopia Areas): Grooming will resume on January 31. With the fresh snow and daily lake effect, Trails 1, 40 and 41 are in very good to excellent condition. Trails from Oriental Road to Touve Road are in good to excellent condition and will be groomed by the end of the week.

A portion of Trail 40 (Wally Polk) was recently plowed, but is still open. If riding this section of trail be aware of logging activity, including haul trucks. To get to Port Wing, an alternate route would be Trail 43 to Trail 66 to Trail 3.

Barnestormers (Barnes Area): Trails are in very good condition. Town Trails 7 and 17 were groomed Sunday, while Trail 31 North was groomed on Monday. Grooming has been suspended for a couple days due to the extreme cold, but will resume on Thursday. It looks like a beautiful weekend and the trails should be awesome. Trail 31 south of Mulligan Creek Road remains closed until a few repairs are completed and conditions improve (more snow).

Waino Riders (Northwest Corner of the County): Trail 1 from the Tri-County Corridor to Highway 13 is in good condition, but won’t be groomed until Friday.

Washburn Valhallers: With the cold weather, Trail 13 South from Washburn to the Tri-County Corridor will be groomed Thursday and Trail 13 North from Washburn to Valhalla will be groomed Friday. With this new snow, its expected both trails will be in good to excellent condition for the warm riding weekend ahead!!

News and Reports:

Trail 31S – South of Mulligan Creek Road is still closed due to culverts out and downed trees.

Trail 63 in the Cable Area: Trail 63 just south of the intersection with Trail 70 south of the town of Cable is closed until further notice.

Trail 4 just east of Mason: Trail is closed at Yderstad Rd. Take Yderstad north to Brown Rd. then back South on Roy Anderson Rd where you can pick up the trail again. Follow signs.

Trail 4 in Delta: At Camp One road and County H. Follow the signs.

Trail 63 and 70 into Cable: To get into the Town of Cable from the East take Randysek Rd. North into town.

Trail 40 just South of Port Wing: Flag Rd. is closed. Use East White Birch Rd. to get into Port Wing.

Other Notes:  A portion of Trail 17, located west of Highway 27, and heading west through Sawyer and Bayfield Counties, has been plowed for a logging operation. The trail remains open, but please be aware of logging activity, including haul trucks.