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Superior – Douglas County, Wisconsin

Reporter: nikky.farmakes
Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 1-6 inches. Many areas have little to no snow cover. Riders are urged to use caution.
Date of Report: February 16, 2018
Area Report:

It is critical that we respect the landowners who allow us to use their property.  Please review the information below carefully before riding to confirm that you are using open trails.

Trail Report 2/16/2018

*Recent warm-up in temperatures has caused many of the trail’s conditions to deteriorate. Riders are encouraged to keep speeds down as there are icy corners with thin snow and frequent bare spots across the county. There is limited loose snow so overheating issues can be expected.*

Starting Monday February 19th we will have a temporary trail closure/reroute in the Town of Bennett on Trail 4 where it connects to the Wild Rivers Trail.  All recreational trail users will be rerouted to the Bennett Road for approximately 0.5 miles to facilitate the removal of an old bridge and the installation of a replacement culvert.  The job is anticipated to be completed by the end of the day on Thursday, but is weather dependent so please watch for updates.

NE Quadrant

Conditions from last week haven’t changed much.  The trails are getting icier as time goes on, and should continue with a warm-up.  There has been no new snow, but many places are in good condition. Trails are thinner to the west/south and better to the east/north. All Brule River Rider trails have been groomed since the weekend except for the northern portion of Trail 35 (Wild River’s Trail) and the far western portion of Trail 4 (west of Highway L).

Trail 1 was groomed Monday

Trail 2 (Tri-County Cooridor) was groomed Monday from Brule to Superior.  There are some thin spots just west of the Brule River.

Trail 2B was groomed Monday evening and is in poor to bad condition in many areas.

Trail 4 was groomed Monday from Brule to Highway L and is icy in logging areas. Many areas are in good condition working east.

Trail 6 was groomed Monday.  South Shore Grade road has snow cover and is in mostly good condition.

Trail 24 was groomed Monday and is in mostly good condition.

Trail 27/27A was groomed Sunday and is in mostly good condition for many miles from the north getting with more icy corners southbound.

Trail 35 (Wild Rivers Trail) was groomed only where it overlaps with Trail 4. Northern area may be groomed later this week. Last week it was rideable but thin in the center.

Trail 235 was groomed Monday.  The trail is thin, but rideable.

Logging in progress: Two areas off the north end of Trail 27, Bayfield 24, and Trail 4 East of Bellwood Pit Road and also east of Degerman Road.  East of Hawthorne the logging job T’s off and crosses our trails several times. Signing has been upgraded in that area.  There is also a small private logging job on Trail 4 by the Covered Wagon in Hawthorne just east of Highway 53.

NW Quadrant

All trails in this quadrant are open and are in decent condition with the exception of the area between Bear Creek Bridge and Wanek Road on Trail 4/41. Snow is thin in and near Superior. Most of the trail base is good but more snow is needed.

Logging operations continue on Trail 4 and Trail 41 between Bear Creek Bridge and Wanek Road.  On Trail 4 between Brietzman Lake Road and Big Balsam Road are also experiencing logging activity.  Brushing is ongoing in these areas that are not accessible until this time of year.  Please use caution and watch for equipment on these grails.

Please note – the parking lot located off Tuff Road is closed for the season and there is no trail access from the lot.

SW Quadrant

All trails in the South West Quadrant are open, groomed and in fair to good condition.  Watch out for brushing and grooming equipment on the trails as well as logging equipment.  We are hoping for more snow this week, just like everyone else.

SE Quadrant
All JPR trails are open, icy and in spots are bare.  Most trails have been recently groomed and are in fair to poor condition. The trails are rideable, but they lost a lot of snow with the 46 degree warm-up over the week. We are in desperate need of snow in order to improve conditions. We have decided to suspend grooming until more snow falls.  There is more snow in the forecast for this weekend.

Trails 217 and Trail 17
Trail 217  and Trail 17 from Cabin Lane to Trail 8 are in fair to good condition and will be groomed within the next week.

Douglas County Ski Trails                                                      
The Douglas County Cross Country Ski Trails have been groomed and tracked the first week of February and they are in fair condition.   

The Superior Municipal Forest Cross Country Ski Trails have been groomed and tracked.  They are in fair condition with snow thin and icy in some places.

Pattison State Park has been groomed and tracked.  

Brule River After Hours Ski Trail is groomed and tracked and is in good condition.


Snowmobiling Information

Three counties, Douglas, Northern Bayfield and Ashland, huddle together along the shores of Lake Superior. Leisurely trips through secluded forest areas and along the lakeshore make this region a paradise for avid snowmobilers.

Superior, at the northern tip of Douglas County, has the honor of being the western trailhead of the famous Tri-County Corridor. This trail also known as Corridor 2 provides a straight path across Northwest Wisconsin from Superior, through Brule and Iron River, before ending at the eastern trailhead in Ashland. A popular side trip along the way is the spur trail that leads to the spectacular view at Amnicon Falls State Park.

From the Brule area at the eastern edge of Douglas County, riders have the option of touring the serene Lake Nebagamon area or traveling south on Trail 27 to Solon Springs and Gordon. This region is a favorite summer retreat for sportsmen and is a great place to watch the wildlife during the winter months.

Journeying east from Brule, sno-tourers are welcomed into Northern Bayfield County by the Iron River community. A trek on the Battleaxe Trail north leads riders to the famous Old Baldy Lookout. If you have the opportunity to be there on a clear day you can see Lake Superior, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Canada. Don’t forget the camera! Continuing north riders will connect with the South Shore Trail offering a journey west through Port Wing and along the pristine Lake Superior shoreline.

Choosing to journey east, the South Shore Trail will guide riders through the northern peninsula of Bayfield County to the communities of Bayfield and Red Cliff where the beautiful Apostle Islands can be seen offshore. Heading southwest from Bayfield, riders will travel to the Valhalla Recreation Area, which provides a warming chalet complete with a fireplace for that chance to stop and share the day’s adventures with other riders.

Continuing south from the recreation area, riders can once again connect with the Tri-County Corridor. From this point Ashland, the eastern trailhead of the corridor in Ashland County, will greet snowmobilers heading east. Two popular choices from this area are a trek on Trail 25 south to the Clam Lake and Lake Namakagon areas or a journey southeast on Trail 21 to Mellen, Gordon, and Butternut. From here riders can continue south to the Park Falls area or choose to head east to the Turtle Flambeau Flowage.

Snowmobilers cannot make a wrong choice in this region. Great food awaits hungry riders along the trail as well as cozy comfortable lodging.