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Trail Report – : Western UP, Michigan – January 18, 2021

Reporter:Western U.P. Snowmobile Report
Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: 14"
Date of Report: January 18, 2021
Area Report:


Western U P Snowmobile Trail Report— 1/18/2021

Please use caution while riding you will encounter some icy spots along with some rocks.  We have snow in this week’s forecast along with colder temps.  Please stay on marked trails riding on unmarked trails can result in the clubs losing easement for the trails.  Please be respectful.

 It’s still early season riding..

Gogebic Range Trail Authority – Snowmobile & ORV Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: good
  • Last Groomed: January 16th, 2021
  • Base Snowfall: 14″Groomers are reporting the trails have been groomed and are in pretty good shape.  Groomers were out on the 16th. Trail 160 is in good to very good condition.Trail 11s is in good condition with a few fair spots.  Please use caution logging is ongoing.  Logging trucks have the right away.  South of Chaney Lake there is a section where there is 2 ft. washout but the club is filling it in. 
  • Trail 8 is in fair to good condition with icy corners.
  • Trail 2 is in fair to good condition watch for icy corners and you will encounter some spots with rocks.  It is still early season riding.
  • WARNINGS AND NOTICES:   We are begging riders to ride off trail legally as there are 1-million acres of public land east of Wakefield to off trail ride on – please only ride legal areas!  The Ottawa National Forest is 990,000 acres and much of it open to cross-country riding (no trail/road) if there is 6″ or more of snow.  Several restricted areas, contact the forest for further information.  

Gogebic Area Groomers Report 1/18/2021

Groomers have been out and all trails have been groomed.  They are reporting trails are in decent shape.  There are still areas where rocks are showing up but groomers are attempting to cover them with snow.

Please use caution while riding conditions can change quickly.  Be Safe.

U.P. Thunder Riders Trail Report 1/18/2021

Groomers will be heading out today to flatten the trails.  We still need more snow. Please ride with caution.