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Trail Report – : Superior – Douglas County, Wisconsin – January 5, 2018

Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: Four to six Inches. Some ares are one to two inches.
Date of Report: January 5, 2018
Area Report:

As is typical for this time of year, certain trail segments can be opened and others are not ready yet due to wetland crossings and/or have restrictions due to private land easements.  It is critical that we respect the landowners who allow us to use their property. Please review the information below carefully before trail riding and confirm that you are using open trails.

Please note, certain trails or only segments of trails may be open at this time.  We anticipate frequent updates as the clubs begin grooming and report on trails they’ve checked. In all areas where winter recreation trails are closed, our clubs are actively working to get the trails open.

Trail Report 1/5/2018

NE Quadrant
All Brule River Rider Trails are open.

All trails have been groomed this week except: The northern 15 miles of Trail 35 (Wild Rivers Trail), Trail 235, and Trail 635.

Early season caution should be used.

Logging updates: There is a logging operation in progress off Trails 27, Bayfield 24, Trail 4 north of Lake Nebagamon off Degerman Road, and along the east/north of Hawthrone. These logging operations cross our trail system near Hawthorne several times, and signs have been upgraded in that area.  There is also a small private logging operation ongoing by the Covered Wagon in Hawthorne.  Conditions in this area are a little thin in some places but trails are beginning to shape up.

Problem areas:
Trail 35 (Wild Rivers Trail) is open to traffic, but there are reports of rocks coming through north of Trail 4.
Trail 635 is only recommending local traffic only, not lake traffic. Inquire locally for ice conditions.

Detailed Trail reports:

Trail 1 is open and groomed from Trail 2 to the Brule River.  Status is unknown for Bayfield County.

Tri County Corridor (Trail 2) is groomed from Superior to Brule and has been groomed, including 2B in Superior.  Trail is in good condition.

Trail 4 is open except between Bennett road and The Wild Rivers Trail (Trail 35).  There is a detour using Bennett Road.  This trail has been groomed between Brule and the Warming Shack.

Trail 6 is open and groomed east and west of Lake Nebagamon.

Trail 18 to Barnes has been groomed by Bayfield County line.

Bayfield B 24 has been groomed. Bayfield County has groomed to the County Line from Iron River.

Trail 24 is open to and from Poplar and is groomed from Middle River Road North to Poplar and a portion behind the Gravel Pit.  This trail was groomed on Tuesday 1/2/18.

Trail 27/27A is open and groomed from Brule to St. Croix Lake, please note that the groomer has skipped around wet holes South of Brule.

The Wild Rivers Trail (Trail 35) is open, but the snow is very thin in a lot of places.  The Clubs are investigating snow levels for grooming.  

Trail 235 is open and grooming is scheduled for the week of 1/8/18.

Trail 635 is open to local traffic. Inquire locally for ice conditions on Lakes.

NW Quadrant

All trails in this quadrant are open at this time.  The trails are all in very early season condition.  Please use caution as brushing and grooming operations are ongoing and equipment is present on the trails.

Logging operations continue on Trail 4 and Trail 41 between Bear Creek Bridge and Wanek Road.  There is not a lot of snow left in this section due to the logging activity.  On Trail 4 between Brietzman Lake Road and Big Balsam Road are also experiencing logging activity.

All trails have been groomed with the exception of Trail 66 from Trail 2 to the Minnesota state line, Trail 2 from Finn Road to the Minnesota state line, and Trail 4/41 from the warming shack to Erickson Creek.  We anticipate grooming of these trails on Thursday, January 4. Snow is thin in and near Superior.  Brushing is ongoing in the areas not accessible until this time of year. Again, please use caution and watch for equipment on the trails.

Please note – the parking lot located off Tuff Road is closed for the season and there is no trail access from the lot.

SW Quadrant

Trail 5 is open and has been packed, but is not groomed.

Trail 9 has a beaver dam at Hunter’s Trail and has been ridden over with the Trucker and a dozer is expected there this week or next.  Trail 9 is in good condition from Radigan Dam to the warming shack.

Trail 935 is packed and cleared from the State Line (Gandy Dancer Trail), however use caution.

SE Quadrant
The trails in this quadrant are all open except for Trail 41 N.  Trails 5, 541, 35S, and 41B are currently being groomed. Trail 7, 27, 27B, 27C are groomed and in good early season condition. Trail 41S is currently ungroomed. Please use caution and watch out for downed or leaning trees.

Trail 3 is open and is partially groomed.  

Trails 217 and Trail 17
Trail 217 is in good condition and is groomed.
Trail 17 from Cabin Lane to Fowler Circle is open, groomed, and in good condition.
Trail 17 south of Fowler Circle to Highway 27 is open and groomed. A logging operation is happening on this trail for about a mile.

Douglas County Ski Trails
The Douglas County Cross Country Ski Trails have been groomed and tracked last week.  We anticipate additional grooming this week.  All trails are in good early season condition.

As of 12/22 The Superior Municipal Forest Cross Country Ski Trails have been packed, however the snow we have received has been dry and has packed down to just a few inches of height with a good amount of debris showing through.  The trails have not been tracked. All trails EXCEPT BLUE are open, but all trails are reported to be in only fair condition at this time.  The Blue Trail has quite a bit of debris and will need more snow in order to open.