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Trail Report – : Sayner, Wisconsin – March 4, 2019

Reporter:SaynerStar Lake Barnstormers
Trail Conditions: Excellent
Snow Cover: Remarkable
Date of Report: March 4, 2019
Area Report:

Anybody that has ridden our system knows we have had equipment issues. Some people that don’t want to give us the benefit of the doubt think we just decided not to groom. However, nothing could be further from the case.

We have been fighting a perfect storm of equipment issues. Our wheel machines were set up for the kind of hard/icy conditions we have had year after year. However, they are not meant to deal with the kind of major snows like we have been getting of recent times. Add onto that – our one track machine went down with a computer related Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) system – problem. We got a loaner and it went down. So we bit the bullet and purchased a new track machine. We took delivery of it a week ago last Friday. The issues with our older track machine also got repaired. So great – we had 2 track machines up & running, we were back in a more normal regular schedule, and getting things back in shape. Well as our Murphys Law Luck would have it, we had another issue with our new machine this time. We had to take our machine from Star Lake down to Sayner to go out and rescue the new unit. We did get the Star Lake unit right back in service but one groomer can only cover so much at one time. We do have nearly 80 miles of trail. The good news is that as of today (Monday 3/4/19) we have the new machine just about ready to go back out again.

We are going to hit it hard tomorrow – with 2 machines – and do our best to get things back in excellent condition. We will hit the trails first that have been the most neglected. We WILL have the entire system ready for the coming weekend.

Believe us – no one hates our system being rough anymore than we do. All we can do is apologize for the rough conditions and we promise to do everything humanly possible to smooth things out again.

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