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Trail Report – : Oconto County, Wisconsin – January 18, 2018

Reporter:Oconto County Tourism
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 5-7
Date of Report: January 18, 2018
Area Report:

Red Arrow Townsend – Trails are OPEN. The trails are in “GOOD TO FAIR” condition this morning. We received 2″-3″ of fresh snow from the storm. The groomers were out last night and that is their assessment. They were able to fill most of the holes and at least cover the rocks. The Nicolet is covered for now, let’s see how she holds up? It’s -1 degrees this morning so the trails should have froze down hard and should hold up well today.

Paul Bunyan Riders – Trails are open. The groomers are back in and Trail Boss Jack Bailey said the trails that didn’t have big ruts groomed out very well. Some areas could only be panned. We rate them fair to good with the NST (rail road grade ) as very smooth at this time with little stones showing. The upcoming warm weather is not good for the marginal base we have. There is another storm on the way Sunday & Monday so all we can do is cross our fingers. Remember these are still early season snow conditions.

Chute Pond Snowmobile Club – Our trails are currently OPEN and in poor “Early Season Condition”. We got an inch or two of fluffy snow last night and today. Our trails are thin, hard, and icy in most areas now, with a couple inches of loose snow on top. Our groomers are out working to pack the new couple inches of snow down onto the trails, but they’re reporting it’s still pretty rough out there. The rain last week deteriorated our thin trail base and there are many sections with exposed gravel and/or rocks.

Riding is not recommended until we get more snow. We need snow to make the trails rideable again.

Ride at your own risk, and use extra caution- especially in these areas:

The section of trail north of Hwy W up to Mountain Lakes Rd near the Big Y (INT 320).

Watch for logging on the 18 Corridor trail west of Hwy 32.

The wooded trail from INT 455 to INT 472 (Old 64).

The pipeline trail from Jack Pine north to INT 447 is rough, but the pipeline trail from INT 447 north to Crooked Lake should be avoided- it is ungroomed and extremely rough.

The wooded trail between INT 453 behind the Junction east to Jack Pine Rd.

The 18 Corridor trail near Crooked Lake.

Expect some dips, rocks, branches, ruts, and bare spots. Low areas that froze may be icy under a thin layer of snow- and also may have rough broken up ice/dirt in the area. We are not grooming at this time- we desperately need more snow for conditions to improve . Slow down and use extra caution if you choose to ride. Always use caution riding on any lake or river. Ice conditions can be unpredictable and can vary greatly from lake to lake- or from one end of a lake to the other.

Bagley & Brazeau – Our trails did receive about 4″ of snow. The groomers were out Tuesday & Wednesday. The conditions are fair on most of the trails and good in some spots. If the weather conditions for the weekend get warm, this could impact the trails quickly. If anyone had ridden the trails two weeks ago the conditions as of now have improved somewhat from that time.

Gillett Sno ATV Riders – Trails are OPEN. Trails are in fair to poor condition and groomed. Corridor 7 heading south out of Gillett to Shawano will be closed until we get more snow. Remember early season conditions exist.

Oconto Falls Sno Jokers – Trails are CLOSED.

Lena – Trails are CLOSED.

Chase Sno-Chasers – Trails are CLOSED.