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Trail Report – : Mercer, Wisconsin – January 19, 2023

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: Varies
Date of Report: January 19, 2023
Area Report:
Trail Report as of: January 18th, 2023
Mercer Area Sno-Goers Report:
8- good
8a- good (swamp still not groomed in middle)
9- fair
9a- fair
10 & 10a- fair
10e- fair
11- good
12-very poor (very wet hole) travel not advised
12a&b- fair
14- fair (half plowed) logging
17n- fair / poor
17s- fair
19- good
19b- fair
20- good
21- good
51e- fair
182b- very poor (wet spots) travel not advised
182- very poor (very wet spots) travel not advised
On this weekday report the recent rain and warm temp have hurt our trail system. We are hoping for cold temps and some new snow.
Swamps are not freezing or staying froze this year due to warm temps.
Trails 12 & 182 have large wet areas on them and are not passable. (We are working on solutions and/or ways around those issues)
MECCA Trail Report:
The rain has quit and temperatures have dropped, but no new snow has fallen. The trail base is refreezing and we have some new snow in the forecast for Thursday. We plan on grooming Friday morning for the weekend skiing. Fingers crossed for fresh snow!
Winman Trails:
Cross-Country Ski: ALL TRAILS OPEN
We continue to maintain a 10″ snow base. Team will be finishing up grooming all ski trails by 10am.
Skate lanes are firm, fast and in very good condition. Great day to skate ski if you have the chance.
Classic tracks are unfortunately icy despite the team tilling them up yesterday and resetting this morning. Due to the moisture content in the snow, ice was unavoidable this morning. If you choose to classic ski, understand it will be icy conditions.
We are expecting ~6″ of snow Thursday into Friday morning. The team will be working hard managing the snowfall to get everything ready for Saturday morning. Should be a great weekend on all the trails at WinMan this weekend.
Snowshoe: OPEN
Fat Tire Bike: OPEN- Trails are in excellent condition right now. Jeremy was out Monday afternoon in the rain/sleet reshaping and slap packing some berms. His efforts completely paid off with the best winter berms we’ve had at WinMan which should stand up for the remainder of the winter. Still need 2-4 psi. Top layer is hard and very firm but there is moisture content about 2″ down that is soft. Stay low on the psi until temps drop into the teens and freeze the entire base.
North Lakeland Discovery Center 12/26/22:
The trails are open and we have had foot and snowshoe traffic, but there may be some icy spots, so please use caution. All trails have been rolled/groomed and our maintenance staff set tracks for classic cross-country skiing on December 26th. Trails are in good condition!