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Trail Report – : Lake Gogebic | Bergland, Michigan – December 1, 2022

Reporter:AJ's Walleye Lodge
Trail Conditions: Poor
Snow Cover: Moderate
Date of Report: December 1, 2022
Area Report:

It’s December 1st – the official opening of snowmobile trails in the Lake Gogebic area.   Over the last 2 days the Lake Gogebic area has received about 20” of snow, but we need some cold temperatures in order to set a good base.   We are extremely fortunate as Groomers are able to get out on the trails this early in the season – many times Groomers can’t even get out on the trails till mid December.  

That said – there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and we are asking that everyone please be patient and let groomers get in and get these trails in good shape before we start to experiencing traffic on them.

Here’s the current conditions:

  • 8E has been completely signed and today it was a matter of clearing all the hangovers left from the last 2 days of heavy snowfall.
  • Groomers went in 13 South at the Root Cellar and then headed south until it got dark and then headed back.
  • 13N – not all gates are open, but you can still get through.   Hope to get them open in the next day or so. 
  • Trail 1 South on the West side of Lake Gogebic needs to be re-routed; groomers will get in there on Saturday and more than likely the 1 South will revert to the previous trail that we had a few years back.
  • 8 west needs to freeze, needs to firm up, and needs more snow in order to pack it in and let it freeze.
  • Trail 102 is currently closed; as there is a beaver dam that has flooded out a bridge about 13 miles north of Bergland.  
  • 1 North is getting packed tonight.

We know that everyone is anxious to get out and ride and we just ask that you let our Groomers get the trails in good shape which will make for much better trails throughout the season and help to extend the length of the season.    We will update you again at the beginning of next week.   Thanks very much and we do look forward to seeing everyone very soon!