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Trail Report – : Lake Gogebic | Bergland, Michigan – December 1, 2019

Reporter:AJ's Walleye Lodge
Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: Good
Date of Report: December 1, 2019
Area Report:

Today is the first day of the 2019-2020 snowmobile season.   Groomers in al the area clubs have been hitting it hard to get trails in good shape.   There is still work being done – so if you are riding – – use caution and ride at your own risk.  We got about 8+” inches and there’s more in the forecast today.   Cold temps all next week – so we have a start to the season.  

This is what Gogebic Area Grooming has open thus far:


  • Trail 13 south – From trail 8 to trail 2 is broke open.
  • Trail 1 from Bergland to White Pine is broken open.
  • Trail 100 is broke open from FS8800 to 100
  • Trail 13 north is broke open from Bergland to Trail 101 intersection.
  • Trail 8 to Ewen was packed and little thin next to the fields.
  • And trail 102 will be broken open on Dec 1.


Note from groomers:   *The biggest Pain in our a*% trail,  is Trail 8 west from Merriweather to tula is a talk every year.    * Note to all, a ditch is between the trail and the highway.    The closer to the woods the higher the ground is.   We are getting sleds to pack the trail so we can hopefully get a groomer though it.

Also the more traffic on that trail the faster our groomers can get on it. The sleds freeze the trail to keep us above water.

Be sure to give right of way to our Groomers and please consider supporting the clubs where your ride!   We owe our great times to these guys who should the heavy load!   Thank you to our Groomers and thank you to all who visit and support the Lake Gogebic Area!