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Trail Report – : Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – February 13, 2024

Trail Conditions: No Snow
Snow Cover: 0.00" to 0.00"
Date of Report: February 13, 2024
Area Report:

Not a lot going on in the area. My wife had some blinds installed yesterday, and the installer spotted a wolf on her way in. She asked me if we have many animals around, and I told her wolves, coyotes, bobcat, fox, and a huge fisher. I am getting to be a regular Marlin Perkins this winter. Oh yeah – squirrels, lots of squirrels.

News and Reports:

I am currently tracking a major snow event that looks to give New York City the most snow they have had in two years. 3-5″ of snow, and they could be paralyzed! Winter storm Lorraine could dump 5-8″ in Cape Cod, and it’s turning into a real Nor’easter eh. I was hoping the weather channel would interview one of the locals that sound like they are from Scotland. People tell me I have a heavy midwestern accent, but at least I don’t speak in cursive – hah!

Snowmobile Information:

Now to the good part. Trails are currently closed, and when your reporter has to watch videos of snow from out east, that is a good indication of the status of our local weather, and/or his overall mental stability.

LOTS of local snowmobile fundraisers going on this weekend, the 17th and 18th. We have a group of 25 coming to stay with us, and on Saturday, we are going on a fundraiser roadtrip. We are starting in Woodruff, then Boulder, Presque Isle, Manitowish Waters, then finish up with a little White Thunder. I see quite a few groups doing the same, and taking their trips anyway. Clubs appreciate it, businesses appreciate it, and it helps the Northwoods.