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Trail Report – : Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – February 13, 2022

Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 2-6"
Date of Report: February 13, 2022

Snowmobile Information:

I just ran a trail patrol. Heavy traffic the last few days. Trail 17 north at the Mercer handoff is the best it has been all year. It is thin, but there is snow, except at the marsh bridge. If you bypass the bridge, and run the marsh trail, then ride casual for a couple hundred yards, it is minimal but tolerable. Once you hit the tree line it is pretty good all the way to 5. 5 to the casino is good. 17 around Raven lake is in good shape – a couple of corners need slight work but not all blown out. 17 the grade from Raven to Stearns Lake Road is good, then as you head south it gets thin in spots, then thinner as you get close to Woodruff. Trail down F is excellent. Trail 1, up Stearns Lake Road, then East Boundary, is thin on the road, but still able to find snow. Once you hit the treeline, it is good to fair, up to where it intersects with 51, but grooming will fix it. Looking at 35 on Wednesday. That will poop on our party some. Good luck and ride safe. Mark