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Trail Report – : Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – December 6, 2023

Trail Conditions: Closed
Snow Cover: 1-3", The squirrels are exposing the grass.
Date of Report: December 6, 2023

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Since there is no snow to report, Nick and Lynsey asked to to post about this amazing group, that could get more “younger” people active in our great sport. As Lynsey said to me last night, ” Not that you are old, Mark, but…..” The old guy got your post to cut and paste in this program so Nanner Nanner Boo Boo Kid!


Next Gen Riders
November 28 at 10:42 PM  · 
Hello snowmobilers,
I want to share a little about what Next Gen Riders is all about. Myself, Nick Grams along with the help of the Burzinski girls, Lynsey and Rachyl (aka former Miss Snowflakes) have been working together to start something new that supports and grows the sport of snowmobiling. The age demographic we are trying to get involved with Next Gen is 21-35 year olds. This age demographic was chosen to catch the “in between” age in snowmobiling. The youth group in WI ages out at 21 so this would the next thing for them, and we’re still in our 20s and early 30s trying to figure our young adult lives out.
Basically what we are trying to do is support snowmobiling at the state, county, and local snowmobile clubs big and small. When I say support, get a group of us with a passion for sledding together as a resource for clubs and the AWSC to reach out to help in any ways they see fit. From signing, brushing, grooming, event prep, takedown, education, social networking, safety instructors, and more I know will come. This is how we have discussed how to support the sport. We are just starting out and open to suggestions and ideas on what else we can do to support snowmobiling!
Growing this sport is so important to the future of it! How do we get people who have never been on a sled, on one in a safe and fun environment? So far the three of us along with some AWSC members at the state level have discussed setting up first time riding events to get “new riders” out on a machine. This would take tremendous support and many pieces to come together, but would be so beneficial! Even if only 1-10 of those “new riders” love the sport and want to get involved and start riding, we would be getting ahead! That’s how we want to grow this sport we love. Again, very early and in the brain storming planning stage of this so always open to ideas and suggestions.
We are currently working on becoming a committee within the AWSC. As of now we are planning on becoming an official committee at the January AWSC directors meeting. It would be super cool to get a group of us to join at our committee table in January to show support and show we exist! Connect fellow riders! Maybe get a ride in too! More details on this date and such to come!
Please share this post, invite friends to follow and like this page, and reach out to us via Facebook messenger or the email linked with this page!
-Nick (Next Gen Riders Facilitator)
Next Gen Riders
Nonprofit Organization