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Trail Report – : Keweenaw Peninsula / Houghton-Hancock, South Range, Copper Harbor, Michigan – December 12, 2019

Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 25" to 35"
Date of Report: December 12, 2019
Area Report:




Welcome to winter in the Keweenaw!!  December snowfall has been better than ever.  Houghton County has received 58″ and Keweenaw County has received 93″ for the season, 97″ for Twin Lakes!!  These are official counts, but many report over 100″ all around, so far!  It snows everyday.  Trails are being groomed from Twin Lakes all the way to Copper Harbor and have been reported to be fantastic.  The 2 locals that were just in the shop only saw one other sled on the trails and the trails were smooth as can be.  For now, there aren’t many riders around, so trails are great.  Once there are more in town, trails will, no doubt, get a little beat up.  The groomers are out 24 hours and will be working hard to keep the exceptional trails in this area in tip top shape.  Off trail riding is typical early season riding, lots of stuff out there that is covered up, but once you ride the fluffy snow, its right there to hit!!  The bridge is not down yet to cross between Houghton and Hancock, but it should be soon.  DO NOT CROSS THE  CANAL WATER!!  It may look like it is frozen and snowy, but there is open water everywhere, and slush under that snow.  There is no ice!! 

Make your plans to come up to the Keweenaw to ride this winter, it is going to be an epic year!!

Trail 3 from Dollar Bay to Lake Linden and The Freda Trail (Trail 120 & 121) will be closed for the entire season for repairs.

Trail 133 (Gay to Lac LaBelle) will be closed until a reroute can be found.

Trail 134 (in the Keweenaw) is closed due to logging.

Please stay off trails that are closed.  There are dangerous conditions on these trails.

Please remember to stay on the marked, groomed trails, respect private property, respect other riders on the trails, slow down, its not a race, stay on your side of the trails–especially on corners, watch out for the idiots who are speeding and on the wrong side of the trail on corners,  save the drinking for when you are done with the riding,  stay off all water, unless marked as a trail,  no water is safe, and do not remove the signs marking the trails.  These are put up for the safety off all riders and when you take them down, it costs us all money.

Have fun out there in our winter wonderland and be safe!!