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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – January 5, 2022

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 6-9 inches of snow
Date of Report: January 5, 2022
Area Report:

Now that the busy holiday week is over the groomers, who worked around the clock last week took a little reprieve on Sat and started back out on Sunday to clean up. While we have good snow and ice there are some rocky spots on the corners, and you’ll find a few trails that can be spotty with rocks. Our groomers did their best to pan and pull in snow from edges and corners and fill spots. From the center of the county (Chippewa Flowage) to the north conditions are reported to be fair flirting with good. Some trails will be really good, such as fire lanes while some near the roads or heavily traveled connecting trails will be fair.  To the south near Birchwood and Winter/Loretta they did receive less snow in that storm, so they have conditions to be reported as fair to poor.


Fear not there is some snow in the forecast! Between Tuesday-Wednesday they are calling for 2-5″. If we can get even 4″ that will really bump on the conditions to a very good status.


Groomer reports as of Tuesday afternoon:

Sno-Mads has completed 90% of the Seeley Hills several times already this week. Trails 15, 77, 5, intersection 22 to Rock Lake, 31 to the Bayfield County line have had a couple of passes this week already. They will complete another along with trail 63 by late Thursday. They report to be good on most trails with a few fair spots due to rocks.


Loretta Trail Blazers reports Flambeau Forest has been packed and cleared. They will continue to groom on Thursday. They have reported as fair to poor as it stands but with snow conditions will improve.


Musky Sno reported grooming on trail 3 from Moose Lake to Dunn Rovin, 21 from 319 to trail 18, 18 from the Flowage to 12. Also trail 9, 5 and 3 were done Sunday evening. 5 to 320, between Spider Lake and Lost Land Lake, and 18 from Tiger Cat to Callahan. They report to be in fair shape as well, pre any new snow.


Groomers are hopping out to toss rocks off, if you want to pitch in that is much appreciated!


Also, when riding on the lake please stay close to the staked trail, if you have to go off to get to your destination please ride with caution and watch for fish tip-ups. Share the lake please.