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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – January 21, 2021

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 6-8 inches
Date of Report: January 21, 2021
Area Report:

Hello Riders!

There is snirt in areas and some gravel in others, we do need snow. With the grooming many of the trails to the north are in fair condition, some areas are a little better and some a little worse. Below is a breakdown of where has been groomed and where will be groomed in the following days;

Trails 3/5 between Moose Lake and Lost Land Lake.

Trail 5 to Spider Lake

9 to Twin Lake Tap – Trail 9 between the Tap and Hayward Power Sports is a VERY heavily traveled trail section and is in the open and near the road, even with a lot of snow this trail gets rough and they constantly groom it in the season but it is hard to keep up with its traffic. The plus side is it isn’t a very long section but more of a connector.

Trail 18 south of the bridge between Tiger Cat and Callahan is groomed, north of the bridge will not be groomed until more snow.

3/21 to the north groomed and 3/21 to the south to River.
Trail 5 to the south will not be groomed yet due to there being rocks on that trail and the groomer will uproot them into the trail but also break cleats and other parts of the drag grooming over.

Trail 77 and 8 groomed
Trail 5 to BlackIron Trail 22 and 31/77 groomed.

Trail 31 south from Hayward to Grindstone was groomed but rough due to the need of more snow.

Trail 9 south to the Flowage will be groomed.

Tuscobia reported to be flat and white.

Southern area near Flambeau Forest and Birchwood will not be grooming until more snow falls.

These areas, from the Chippewa Flowage to the north are rideable.

The Chippewa Flowage reports to be in good shape. Other lakes report to be in fair shape. Spider Lake has been rough this season.
LCO remains to not be safe for staking.

Lake Hayward trail exiting/entering the lake behind Market Place is closed as it has opened area. Please use the entrance/exit behind Holiday Inn. Open water by the bowling alley area on Lake Hayward.

Trail 18 entrance/exit on the Flowage at R & R is also closed, this has a very large open area of water, please to not attempt to use this area and think you can go around! For your safety please use an alternate route on and off of the Flowage.

Riders also, please STAY ON the marked trails! Trespassing and going off approved trails on private property has been huge issue this year. This is how we lose trails that we can never get back. Please do not ruin this, ride smart and be respectful.


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Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and clubs and thank you to all of you for choosing Sawyer County as your riding destination!

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