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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – February 6, 2020

Trail Conditions: Excellent
Snow Cover: 9-16 inches of snow
Date of Report: February 6, 2020
Area Report:

February 6, 2020

Hello Riders!!

As you know last weekend we had a pretty warm day of 40+ degrees. Fortunately it was just one day and didn’t ruin the season by any means for us but it did make some areas a little tricky. These areas would be lakes and roads. The lakes are quite slick and rough due to the big warm up during the riding weekend and then the temps dropped way down and froze everything up so there are rough ruts and the snow covering melted and refroze making the lakes slippery. The roads/routes also were affected as they are normally plowed down to some degree due to being roads so their base is much less than the trails so they don’t with stand melt downs as well so there are icy patches and bare spots. However with this said the wooded trails are really good! Last Saturday and Sunday groomers did hold off with the warm weather and soft conditions to not do any damage to the trails and then Monday when temps dropped back down they all went back out and have been running all week! They have cut down bumps and pulled (as much as possible) some fresh snow on to the trails. There may be some icy corners but the over all consensus is wooded trails are really good! Just make sure to hit some fresh snow here and there and ensure your sled is staying cool. The forecast on Sunday calls for snow and while most of our conditions are still good riding fresh snow will be extremely welcomed!

All lake trails continue to be open, again icy but open and you can easily get to your favorite locations and lodging, just ride with caution due to those ruts and slickness. Do always ride with caution in areas of fast flowing water under the ice such as channels and stay on the marked trails. Lake Hayward is the only lake that is closed to riding as the trail near the bridge and channel opened up. There are barriers at all of the entrances.

Trail 5S update; 5S is now open with a reroute around Beissell Grade. The crew was out this week with the Forestry to approve and mark the reroute. The crew has been out since the approval on Wed working on the trail. They continue to work on it as they are playing catch up with now just being able to do said work so they are out grooming and brushing, please keep an eye open for heavy equipment. There is a small area that is rough due to not being able to get with the groomer so it is a bit rough but passable. They are also working on signing but you will easily see the reroute tape and flag markers. They need your help and ask you to ride your sleds and help them pack down the trail. Please DO NOT go around the gates, follow the reroute! This was an area that was lost and it took a great deal of work from these amazing volunteers to get a reroute approved and planned to allow us all to continue traveling in that area with ease! Huge thank you to them!

Thanks again to all you great club workers! Have another fun, safe and successful weekend!!