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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – February 23, 2023

Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 12-16 inches
Date of Report: February 23, 2023
Area Report:

Last night’s snowstorm brought anywhere from 10-12” of fresh snow! A few groomers have been out already, but the rest will be out tonight and in the morning as the snow sets.

This new snow has helped the lakes. There are a few bare spots and drifts from the wind, but for the most part lakes have some snow coverage again. Please do still ride with caution knowing it is slick under the new fluffy snow. When temps drop tonight things will set up and as riders pack it down the conditions will get better.

Birkie Week is upon us, just a heads up about the events of the weekend. There are no trails that close due to the Birkie other than in the town of Hayward. Railroad Street will close as well as parking for sleds at Marketplace through Sunday. If you choose to ride into town, you will dead end on Highway 27 or trail 63. You can ride to town to watch if you’d like but will need to park prior to Railroad Street and walk in. Lake Hayward is not staked, nor will it be open on Saturday as the skiers cross. There are some trails in the Seeley Hills that do cross the Birkie trail, there are no closings but on Saturday you may find some delays at these crossings. The delays are short; take a minute to wave and cheer these racers on! It’s an incredible feat they are accomplishing!

Thank you for your support, ride safe and have a wonderful weekend!