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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – February 2, 2023

Trail Conditions: Excellent
Snow Cover: 12-16 inches
Date of Report: February 2, 2023
Area Report:

Groomers have been out all week and trails are in fantastic shape. The cold weather has been nice to set up trails after grooming and preserve conditions. The groomers will continue throughout the weekend. Friday will be very cold so bundle up and add those layers.  Saturday and Sunday are high 20’s so it will be perfect weather for riding.  Lakes have frozen over as well but because they were slushy earlier this season, ruts were created and have frozen up, so please ride with caution as the lakes can be rough.

Looking ahead to next week it is important to set some expectations with warmer weather in the forecast.  With warmer temps a couple of the days and even the possibly a little rain/snow mix on Monday, grooming operations could be delayed.  We have so much snow this won’t hurt things with regard to the loss of snow, but do know that the warmer temps and some precipitation will soften things and groomers will not be able to groom, as they will get stuck and potentially do more damage to the trails than good until it gets colder again.

Just a point of forewarning; groomers will be adjusting their schedules accordingly as the weather presents itself.  They may not be able to hit the trails as hard on Monday like they typically do after the heavy weekend traffic if it is above freezing and rains. The forecast shows above freezing temperatures again on Wednesday and Thursday next week,  so it could be the weekend when the best grooming opportunities are available as the temperatures improve.  

So, next week (beginning Monday, February 6) if you ride during the week and you find some rough trails this is the situation. Please be kind and understanding if grooming is prolonged until the start of the weekend and know the groomers will go as fast as they can to make up for any lost time. With that said, do know if they can be grooming during the week they absolutely will, just a heads up just in case.