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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – December 29, 2020

Trail Conditions: Poor
Snow Cover: 4-6 inches
Date of Report: December 29, 2020
Area Report:

Hello Riders!
Our trail update this week hasn’t changed much but still wanted to update a bit and let you all know that the crews are constantly checking conditions and are eagerly awaiting to get out there in groomers and on lakes. All volunteers and equipment are ready, we just need Mother Nature to catch up with us 😉. Currently most lakes are not ready for staking, they all have their own individuality of issues we are waiting for to be completely safe. While we want to get out there just as bad and tell you all the good things you want to hear our main priority is your safety so we want to report accurately. However, while most are not staked (Lost Land Lake is the only full lake to be reported as staked and ready) it’s so very close! Our forecast this week continues to be in the high teens and low 20’s during the day and low single digits in the evenings! This is great because the marshes and lakes are so close to being ready.
The Chequamegon Forest has opened their trails for the season. The snow conditions are minimal but they are open and they have access to trails and other areas of trails that you can ride without crossing the swamps and lakes until they are ready.
Rock Lake fire lane (Trail 8 – Seeley Hills 77 to Lakewood’s) has been plowed down due to logging in that area so if you can avoid or have to ride on please do note this temporary issue.
Now on to the big question, our snow…all is snow covered however the base is not there yet. Some groomers have been out to pan what we have and fill in some holes and they along with some test riders have found that there are still many rocks exposed. This happens at the end of a season of riding as well as over the summer rain storms, while a heavy snow fall would cover them and that will eventually happen we do ask if any of you die hards are out now and come across some problems rocks if you could help us out and toss them off that would be so appreciated. Also, we should mention that if anytime, whether its minimal snow or perfect snow and you ever encounter a branch or rock if you could toss off or if it’s a bigger issue please report it to us here in a private message or on our website on Report a Trail Issue so we can address it asap. Back to our snow, more snow is forecasted tonight and tomorrow. And if you have learned anything about the Northwood’s you know that you can never predict what the weather will do, a big snow fall can shift and we can get lake effect and it can all come out of nowhere so we always take it hour by hour! The New Year’s holiday is just days away and a lot can happen between now and then! We will report any slight change as soon as it comes! Sawyer County is ready for our riders! Can’t wait to welcome you all back!

Great news! The Tuscobia from Winter to the Price County line has been groomed as well as from Winter to Lemmington.

Trails from Hayward to Seeley 63, 31, 77 and 8 were groomed and pretty good. There are no lakes and swamps in these areas so a good area to ride right now. Trails 9 and 3/5 south towards Moose Lake were done, also no lakes and swamps. The groomer pulled in and panned the snow filling in groves, do need more snow on those trails. Other crews will be out checking lakes and trails this weekend and early next week. We will update as soon as any new information comes in.

Just a quick note that the new rerouted trail 18 from Woodhaven on Callahan Lake to the Tiger Cat Flowage is temporarily closed until further notice. This should be up and open in a couple of days and we will update when we can confirm. Thank you!

Please note on trail 18 along Hwy CC for about a mile stretch had been clear cutter of branches by Jump Electric. Their chipper went down and they were unable to clean up the debris right away, they will be back but in the mean time please be aware.

ICE HEAVE ALERT: To all snowmobilers who cross Big Round Lake. There are several lines of ice heaves both in the middle of the lake and heading towards Leader Bay. These are extremely dangerous and difficult to see. In this case, there are two major heaves that run right across where the main trail path exists. These heaves run hundreds of yards long. Hitting one of these is like hitting a brick wall. Please be aware of these and keep your speed in check as you cross the lake.