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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – December 27, 2021

Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: 6-9 inches of snow
Date of Report: December 27, 2021
Area Report:
Hello Riders!!
The season is upon us!! Sawyer County got our Christmas wish, snow and lots of it! From the center of the county (Chippewa Flowage) and to the north we received about 11″ and the southern part of the county around Birchwood about 8 1/4″. This snow fall was a good wet and heavy snow. Currently we are sitting at about 30 degrees so temps are bit warm, not warm enough to melt or hard anything just enough to make the fresh deep snow a bit soft so many groomers will be waiting until at least Tuesday to go out as they will wait for this snow to set and freeze in the night when the temps drop so they can pan and pack it down. Some may be out late tonight. Temps will be in the single digits to the negatives at night so this will help freeze and solidify this base very nicely. Temps during the day for the holiday week bring the teens and low 20’s with some more snow fall Tues, Thursday and Saturday. It is a great week to ride!
Some reports in on specific areas today;
Birchwood received 8 1/4″. Gates on 31 south to Washburn Co are open. Grooming will begin Tuesday. Lake Chetek will start staking closer to the weekend. That area invites riders to pack down the marshy areas in the southwest corner of the county.
Winter area trails are open and ready. The Tuscobia is open and ready. Groomers also will go out in that area on Tuesday and they too invited riders to pack trails.
Both the east and west side of the Chippewa Flowage main trail is staked. They are currently opening gates on the west side of the Flowage. Some of the small trails off of the main trail on the Flowage that take you to places such as Sisco’s, The Landing, Big Musky and Chippewa Pines will be staked later today. Please note there are some wash outs and larger rocks on trail 12 between 18 and the Flowage and some on 18 between County Rd B and Hemlock Haven Rd. The new snow will assist in the washouts once it’s frozen and panned and if you encounter any large rocks and want to help if you could stop and throw them off the trail that would be very much appreciated, both for riders and groomers.
Staking on Grindstone, LCO, Whitefish and Sand will begin Tuesday. Callahan will begin today.
The groomer in the Round Lake, Spider Lake and Lost Land Lake areas will be out later today. The Tiger Cat Flowage, Spider Lake, Lost Land Lake, Moose Lake and Nelson Lake are staked. Little Round and Ospry will begin today and Big Round tomorrow. The Seeley Hills groomer will be out in the leading days as well.
Our season is upon us! However, true to form it came in one rush overnight and now we wait for the cold to set in. So while trails are open please ride with caution as the groomers cannot be out quite yet but will be in the following days. And most lakes should be staked by the end of tomorrow so if you’re on the lake please ride with caution and stay close to the stakes. If you are out riding and helping pack down the trails we thank you!
Welcome to season 2022!