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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – December 14, 2021

Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: 6-9 inches of snow
Date of Report: December 14, 2021
Area Report:
Trails in Sawyer County don’t have a “target” open date as they never technically close, other than the Tuscobia (#10) until 12/15. However, there are some unspoken guidelines we follow to start the season. The 12/15 date coincides with hunting. There is still deer muzzle loader hunting until the 15th. Land owners give us the privilege of riding on their land but their use is priority as that includes hunting. Speaking of private land use, there are gates to these. Landowners and trail captains do not open these gates until the trails are rideable and groom-able, meaning there is a base of decent and groom-able snow and all areas that those trails lead to are safe. By this we mean these trails may lead to lakes and/or swamps, if they are not safe the gate will still stay closed until they are. DO NOT ever go around a closed gate and ride on private property! This will close a trail and one that will be a crucial trail with crucial access to others, the importance of that area is we have asked for permission to ride on that land. This is SO important! If you see this happen please report to the DNR, do not let our privilege’s be ruined. As the signage says “Stay on the trail or stay home”.
Trail Captains, clubs and businesses will check ice progress several times a day the second there is enough for them to safely be on moving from the shore out. Generally they are looking for approximately 8” to call the lake safe and stake. And this thickness needs to be consistent through out the lake as well as of that lake trails leads to another neighboring lake. They report quickly so we will share as soon as there is something to report.
While we aren’t there yet it’s so close we can taste it! A few riders were in the Seeley Hills this weekend getting a little taste, it won’t be long! So in the mean time while your waiting, get your gear out and ready, get your sleds tuned up and batteries charged and make sure your registration is up to date and you have your 2022 trail pass! We’ll see you soon!