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Western UP, Michigan

Reporter: Western U.P. Snowmobile Report
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: Base snowfall 36
Date of Report: December 12, 2019
Area Report:

Western U P Snowmobile Trail Report— 12/12/19


Gogebic Range Trail Authority – ORV & Snowmobile Club


Trail Condition: Good To Excellent

Last Groomed: December 10th, 2019

Base Snowfall: 36+”

Reported On: December 11th, 2019 @ 9:20am

Groomer Report

Wednesday 12/11 9:00 am CST:   We saw over a foot of snow Monday – Tuesday, we’ve been trying to pack trails for two weeks and the snow hasn’t quit!  It is currently zero to sub zero temps.  Temps warm Friday but the ice berg trail base currently forming won’t be bothered much, should only push a half foot or so down.  These are the best early season conditions since 2014, we are SHOCKED at how nice the trails are!  We need more groomer volunteers, please contact us today.  160 is closed until next week and 11S remains closed for the season, but we remain actively looking for a reroute.


Trail 2 from Hurley to Ramsay US-2 Crossing:

Overall rating:  EXCELLENT

Last groomed 12/10/19.    Please do not ride on side walks near Holiday and try to keep noise down in town.

Trail 2 from Ramsay Crossing to Wakefield:

Overall rating:  EXCELLENT

Last groomed 12/10/19.  Wet spots near the Highway 2 crossing remain, please ride cautiously!  This trail has a brand new section to enjoy this season that eliminated the Prospect road route and moved the trail completely into the woods eliminating 1.5 miles of road route.  PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAIL AND RESPECT THESE LANDOWNERS!  The new reroute has an icy section from a snow bridging operation over a wet spot.  The ski hills were in good shape but need continued grooming but are entirely ride able.

Trail 2 from Wakefield to Marenisco:


Last groomed 12/9/19.  There are water holes around the Wakefield area & Great Lakes Road pipeline, please be careful.

Trail 8 from Wakefield to Tula Crossing:

Overall Rating:  EXCELLENT


Last groomed 12/10/19.  Tremendous snow depth on this trail.  It is an unplowed county road and is a treat to ride!  WATER HOLES JUST WEST OF 2/8 INTERSECTION


Trail 160 from Walmart to Montreal River (WI):


PLEASE stay on the trail through the farm fields.   This is our most scenic trail and is a treat to ride!  There are several scenic vistas on the trail such as Bald Mountain “NORTH” lookout viewing Madeline Island/ mouth of the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior,  the Bald Mountain “SOUTH” lookout viewing Gogebic Range (Powderhorn, Copper Peak), the Montreal River Gorge look out and finally the amazing Superior Falls Waterfall Complex.  Stay on the trail in the farm fields.  Over 25 landowners are involved to make this trail a reality, please respect them and ride responsibly.

11S (Wakefield, MI to Winchester, WI):

Overall Rating:  CLOSED


11N (Wakefield, MI to South boundary Rd/White Pine):  Closed indefinitely.  Seeking local community support with ideas on how to reopen it.  200 yards of private property closed this 25 mile trail.

Lake Gogebic Area Groomers


We’ve received at least another  foot and a half of snow in the last week, and it looks like we are forecasted for more on the way.     Cold temps have done a nice job to firm up our wet spots.   Gogebic Area Groomers will be working on trail 1 south on the West Shore this Thursday working to open it up.   Volunteers are welcome and both the Gogebic and AJ’s Walleye Lodge are offering complimentary rooms for volunteers for that effort

Gogebic Area Groomers were out last night and report that all trails are in good to excellent condition.  

Trail 1 N:   Good condition

Trails 13 North and South  Groomer went South on 13 breaking trails once more. Past the Root Cellar, there is logging and you will have to travel on East Shore Rd approximately 2 mile further then before to get back onto trail 13.  A new reroute will take place.  Please follow the signs marked 13.   (Permanent Re-Route for the 2019-2020 Season).


Trail 8W Trail 8 between Bergland and Wakefield. Groomers filled the wet spots in, but predicting that they will open back up with the amount of water running through them. Once they open back up we’ll be putting a culvert in and placing snow back over them. EVEN THOUGH, the trail looks ok, DON’T ride fast. Use caution when riding this incase something emerges.

 Trail 8E:   is open and in good condition

 Trail 102: there is a new reroute about 4 miles before trail 11.  The trail is marked well and the reroute was a very nice turn out.     (Temporary Re-Route)

Trail 100: Logging is happening between Stagecouch Rd and the Slate River (very end of Lake Gogebic)   Marshall Creek Bridge has been fixed so you can get to Marenisco from trail 100. (Permanent for 2019-2020 season)

Watersmeet U P Thunder Riders


Dec.11, 2019

We will be grooming daily as long as the temps and snow conditions permit.

Trail #3 from the Wisconsin border to Paulding, good condition, north end has a logging project so please use caution and respect the loggers

Trail #2 west of Watersmeet, good  condition, may have a small water hole that is passable about 20 miles west of Watersmeet

Trail #2 east of Watersmeet to Trail #107, good condition

Trail #13 south to Cisco Chain, good condition


Snowmobiling Information


Winter lays a white blanket across the hills inviting all to come outdoors and play; Snowmobile down endless groomed trails. Michigan is a snowmobiler’s paradise, boasting more than six million acres of state and federal lands along with hundreds of miles of privately owned trails.

It’s Snow Time for Michigan Snowmobilers. Michigan ranks among the top eight snowmobiling states in the nation. It’s first in sheer beauty, with thousands of miles of groomed and ungroomed public trails. They span whole regions of countryside, winding across rolling fields, then plunging down woodland ravines up into deep pine forests, from town to town in Michigan.

If wintry trails beckon you, Michigan has it all. In fact, a growing number of hotels, motels and resorts offer door-to-trail proximity.

No agency has been more active in transforming Michigan into a haven for snowmobile enthusiasts than the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). They are the creators and guardians of Michigan’s major trail network through the state park system.

Snowmobiling is becoming more and more a family sport. Safety is paramount. Most accidents occur when drivers override their headlights at high speeds on remote trails. Alcohol is frequently a factor. When you snowmobile in Michigan, observe state laws. Protect the environment and your own safety by sticking to established trails. Use common sense and courtesy. And enjoy!