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St. Germain, Wisconsin

Reporter:Lindsey Martini
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: Still about a foot.
Date of Report: February 17, 2020
Area Report:

I apologize for the lapse in reports from my last one to now. I put on some good miles this weekend and still happy to report the trails are holding up just fine. Not to sound like a broken record, but there has been some heavy traffic up here, so as usual, the trails by late afternoon and evening are rough!! Road trails are bare in spots, but overall still ok. We had some below zero nights this past week finally, which helped tightened up the trails and added some ice on the lakes. Not much snow predicted anytime soon and still above average temps in the forecast. Hats off to all the groomers up here who are bringing the trails back to life every night!! Remember to check your carbides!! Road crossings and road trails are wearing ’em down fast!! I would guess the trails will stay open til March 15th at this stage in the winter. Stay safe and think SNOW!!

Lindsey Martini



Snowmobiling Information

St. Germain, Wisconsin… the NUMBER ONE vacation spot in the North and the NUMBER ONE spot for snowmobiling fun. The unique little village of St. Germain is well known for its fine network of snowmobile trails. The local snowmobile club, the St.Germain Bo-Boen Tribe, has developed a trail marking system and engineered grooming equipment that is copied nationally and internationally. The Club owns three grooming machines, drags, and has built and maintains nearly 100 miles of well-marked trails that connect with their neighboring communities in Vilas and Oneida Counties. They are opened in early December depending on snow conditions.

For the rejuvenation of your mind and soul, don’t miss the St. Germain area for your snowmobiling and winter fun. Bring your camera for an unforgettable holiday of watching the winter wildlife, pines weeping form the heavy snow, white birch sparkling in the winter sunshine and stars at night looking so close you feel you can reach out and touch them. A weeks holiday can’t begin to cover all the winter trails in St. Germain that connect with neighboring community trails.