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Sayner, Wisconsin

Reporter: SaynerStar Lake Barnstormers
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 30 PLUS in the woods
Date of Report: February 16, 2019
Area Report:

Our trails right this minute are great as far as having snow on them. However they are bumpy ……..

Our tracks machine has been giving us problems for about 2 weeks now. We were provided with a replacement/loaner. It worked well for a short time and then it gave problems. The problem with our machine is in the computer and more specifically – the Diesel Exhaust Fluid system. This is the worst possible time to have problems with the track machine when we have so much snow to deal with.

Year after year, we have had icy conditions to deal with. Up until this year we have been running tire chains on the front of our wheel machines. They work great with the ice and in deep snow – but – are very high maintenance. So this year we went with different tires and installed ice studs. They also work great in icy conditions but not so well with deep snow conditions. So we had a wheel machine slip off the trail a couple times.

We are supposed to have another track machine delivered in the morning. We will put it to work and cover as much of our trail system as quickly as humanly possible.

We sincerely apologize to everyone – but – these equipment issues are beyond our control.

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Snowmobiling Information

The Sayner Barnstormers are proud groomers of the Sayner – Star Lake Wisconsin area snowmobile trails.  Our club was founded back on November 26, 1969, with 27 charter members.  The Barnstormers trails stretch all the way from Hwy 70, just east of Arbor Vitae, all the way up to Old Hwy B, just west of Land O Lakes.  We groom these trails with three tractors each equipped with 9-foot-6-inch grooming drags built by Sno*Boss of Eagle River and Arrowhead Groomers of St. Germain.

Snowmobiling was born here in the 1920s, when Carl Eliason, of Sayner, invented the first snowmobile in 1924 (he called it a snow machine initially).  He took his first patent out on November 24, 1927.  He has been featured in History Magazine, in the Modern Marvels section.  You can still see some of the very first snowmobiles to ever be ridden in Sayner’s History Museum and at Eliason Lumber, both located on Hwy 155 in Sayner.

Our trails cover a variety of terrains including beautiful wooded trails, lake crossings, and some road routes.  Over the years signage has improved tremendously, with the most recent addition of intersection numbers, making it easier for snowmobilers to figure out where they are.  These intersection numbers were also created to assist snowmobilers and emergency crews to find each other in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Through the combined efforts of the Sayner Barnstormers and our great neighboring clubs, we feel that Vilas County has the best maintained and marked trails in the world.  Our trails adjoin St Germain’s BoBoen Club, Arbor Vitae / Minocqua Cross Country Cruiser’s, Eagle River SnoEagle’s, Land O Lakes Frosty Club’s , and Boulder Junction’s trails.  Other clubs in the county include the Conover Snow Buddies, Manitowish SnoSkeeters, Presque Isle SnoBunnies, Phelps, and Lac du Flambeau Northern Horseshoe.

See you on the trails and always, Please Ride Safe!!!