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Florence County, Wisconsin

Reporter: Blue OxTrailriders
Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 26-30"
Date of Report: February 17, 2019
Area Report:

We have received a lot of snow since my last report. With the dry powdery snow has come a lot of drifting. This accounts for the many moguls on the trails which drift back over right behind the groomers. Many of the schools in the area have been closed for quite a few days in the past few weeks due to these conditions. Our groomers are putting in a lot of hours especially with one of our groomers out of service for over a week. 

Hopefully this next week will be better without the drifting problem we have had in the past week. Most of the sledders that are fans of our great trails will understand that there really was no way to stop the drifting and moguls that have occurred this past week. We are very proud of our trails and the hard work and many hours these dedicated people put into keeping our trails in the best condition they can possibly be in.

Be safe out there, watch for groomers and drive sober. F15 has not been groomed. This is the groomer that is down and has a smaller drag to fit in between the trees on that trail.

Snowmobiling Information

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The Florence County Snowmobile Club (Blue Ox Trail System) was established in the late 1960s by four men: Tony DeMuri, Paul McCraw, Elmer Washburn and Chucky Kinnear.

In 2010 the Florence County ATV Club disbanded and joined forces with the Florence County Snowmobile Club to form a “new” club called THE FLORENCE COUNTY BLUE OX TRAIL-RIDERS. We feel this gives us the advantage of keeping the trails in the best shape for our riders both winter and summer. We are proud of our trails and invite all of you to come see if it is true that our trails are the best kept secret of the north!

The trail system today includes 140 miles of funded trails and approximately 180 total miles of trail. This system includes all of the trails in Florence County and are maintained by the Florence County Snowmobile Club. The club works hand in hand with Florence County, State of Wisconsin, Federal Government and private landowners in providing what we believe is one of the best trail systems in the state.

The members of the club are all unpaid volunteers and are responsible for grooming, brushing, signing and re-routes as well as all maintenance on the grooming equipment. The Florence County Snowmobile Club owns and operates 4 groomers which we use to maintain all of the snowmobile trails in Florence County. We have 4 trail coordinators that set up their own grooming schedules in their area of the county. This means that at any one time, there could be as many as 4 groomers on the trail, so please ride safely and watch out for the groomers!

The volunteers work very hard to provide and maintain this trail system so please let them know that you appreciate their effort. There would not be any trails in Wisconsin if it was not for the volunteers, and they are essential to the continued success of snowmobiling in the state. Also, about 50% of the trail system in Florence County crosses private landowner’s property. Please respect their property and stay on the trail. As president, I cannot tell you how many times each winter I have to explain and apologize for the actions of irresponsible snowmobilers.

The Wild Rivers Interpretive Center, located on the snowmobile trailhead, offers free over night parking in the lower parking lot. The Wild Rivers Interpretive Center is located at the intersection of US 2 and Hwy 101/70.

Drive safe and Responsibly. If you are not a member of the club, you should join one today. “United we Trail – Divided we Fail”.