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Trail Report – : Sayner, Wisconsin – December 13, 2017

Reporter: SaynerStar Lake Barnstormers
Trail Conditions: Closed
Snow Cover: 6 to 7 average
Date of Report: December 13, 2017
Area Report:

At this point in time, there is no “target date” for opening the trails. What happened this year was the county, prior to the cold snap, had the 2 worst weather conditions for getting trails ready: warm and wet. The Barnstormers, thanks to past reroutes, fortunately do not have swamps to deal with. Most – if not all – the other clubs do. They have all been out doing everything humanly possible to pack wet areas down so that they can freeze. At least one other club had an enormous amount of trees down.

While the Barnstormers don’t have swamps – we still have plenty of wet & muddy sections of trail. Unfortunately, too many of these muddy sections are not gated and have extensive rutting from logging and/or 4 wheel drive trucks.

We appreciate your patience. All of the clubs have been out doing everything they can to have their systems ready to open. A decision will be made very soon, as a county, as to when that opening day & time is. When it has been set, I will post it!!!

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